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5 ways to lose 5 kilos

Personal trainer Taleen tries out a different class every month for Aquarius

By Catherine Harper
10 Aug 2015 | 11:00 am
  • Slendertone’s arms accessory promises to help you firm up without a dumb-bell.


Banish bingo wings

Dread wearing strappy tops because of flab on your upper arms? Slendertone’s arms accessory promises to help you firm up without a dumb-bell in sight! EMS technology replicates arm-toning exercises, to activate your triceps. Use five times a week for four weeks for a “guaranteed” improvement in upper arm definition. Dh350,

Eat yourself slim

studies show it takes time for your stomach to feel full. give your tum a chance to recognise fullness by choosing foods that take effort, such as edamame beans, shellfish and oranges in their skins. and don’t forget, chew slowly!

Expert gear

If you’re braving the pool or sea for exercise in the summer heat, make sure your skin is adequately protected with gear from the UPF 50 Coéga Sunwear range. Available at leading sportswear stores.

UPF 50 Coéga Sunwear range

Slimkini, Dh285; Slimkini, Dh259; Long Sleeve Rashguard, Dh160.

Tal tries... Flowground

What is it? Combining hula hooping, dance, and meditation through ‘creative play’, this fun, workout is designed to strengthen your core, increase your balance and stability, and bring out your inner child.

Tal’s take on it: We started with a light warm-up (stretching, breathing, and movement), which helped loosen up my muscles and get me in the right state of mind. Then we began with simple exercises using the hula hoops (circular hip motions), forcing my abs, back, and core to stay strong and connected. After each interval, a new body movement was introduced, which kept both my upper and lower body challenged. By the end of class,
I had completed a choreographed dance routine with a hula hoop – something I’d never done before!

The workout encourages self-expression through movement, incorporating meditation and a mind-body connection – while also burning 300 calories a session! 

Need to know: Prices from Dh750 for six-week sessions, see

By Catherine Harper

By Catherine Harper