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5 ways to lose 5 kilos

Personal trainer Taleen tries out a different class every month for Aquarius

By Karina Sharma
27 Oct 2015 | 12:00 am
  • Rebuild your strength and stamina by using Electric Muscle Simulation technology.


Fit in 20 minutes?

A new personal training studio is offering 20-minute sessions. Using Electric Muscle Simulation technology to rebuild strength and stamina while you train, the quick class of cardio and weight training is equivalent of between 2 and 4 hours in the gym. Packages start from Dh8,000 for a three-month package, or Dh3,600 for 10 sessions. Visit or call 04 385 5353.

The Private Clinic

Non-invasive lipo

Need to shift fat fast? The Private Clinic offers a non-invasive alternative to lipo called RF Cavitation, which combines ultrasound with radio frequency to eliminate fatty deposits and tighten the skin. Some
 RF Cavitation patients have shown a loss of to 2.5 to 3cm in the first session and as much as 11cm after a course of eight sessions. Prices start from Dh350 per session, or Dh3,000 for a package of 10. 
Call 04 395 6400.

Commit to change

Fitness First’s new eight-week programme will help you not only to lose weight but also to maintain it. Nutrition advice, seminars, group classes, weekly weigh-ins and personal workouts all combine to help you achieve the weight you want while creating a healthier lifestyle. Dh1,800 for members and Dh2,999 for non-members. Call 800 348 6377 or email

Lush legs

Trailblazer capri leggings

Nova Trailblazer capri leggings, Dh350,

Tal tries... Anti-gravity yoga

What is it? Anti-gravity or aerial yoga combines the traditional yoga poses, Pilates and dance with the use of a ‘hammock’.

Tal’s take on it: The class began with long stretches around a piece of flexible fabric known as a hammock, which was attached to the ceiling above each person. We used the fabric for some traditional yoga poses, before going into the upside-down poses, also known as ‘zero-compression inversions’. I was a bit nervous at first, but our instructor, Goli, was very reassuring. We wrapped ourselves in the fabric, diamond-shaped our legs, and before I knew it, I was hanging upside down! Benefits include back pain and stress relief, and improved circulation. It made me feel happy – almost euphoric. While hanging, we did a series of ab exercises – you can really feel these in the core as you work against gravity. The class ended with a meditation inside the hammock known as the womb pose. My spine had never felt better and my body was completely relaxed – a great workout!

Need to know: Fitness First Clubs at Beach Park Plaza, Motor City and the Meadow, 800 348 6377.

By Karina Sharma

By Karina Sharma