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Gastric Mind Band therapy tested

For many people, weight issues are less about appetite and love for food and more about mental and emotional triggers. We sent one of the team to try out an effective new solution

By Ruby Chase
8 Jul 2013 | 11:42 am
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What is it?

You’ve probably heard Gastric Mind Band (GmB) therapy described as the technique of using hypnosis to make your body believe it’s been fitted with a gastric band. In reality, it offers much more than that. GmB at The Miracles Centre uses a combination of therapeutic techniques – including cognitive behavioural therapy, pause-button therapy and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) – to help you identify the root causes of your overeating and then equips you with tools to make lasting life changes at both a conscious and subconscious level.

What happens?

The therapy is divided into four appointments – the first three lasting between three and four hours each, including a session of hypnotherapy at the end, the final session lasts just 
90 minutes, also with a hypnotherapy session.

In the first session, therapist Anna took me through a questionnaire to discover more about me and what I eat, when and why. At the end of that session, I underwent my first hypnosis. Although Anna had explained it in detail, I didn’t really know what to expect and was quite nervous. In the end, it was nothing like I’d seen on television and everything Anna said it would be; I was fully aware of what was happening and what was being said but, by the end of it, when Anna said, “Open your eyes,” it was as if I’d just woken from an inspiring dream.

In the second session, we looked at the reality of where I was at and where I was heading if something didn’t change. Using Korr medical equipment, we measured my weight, BMI, basal metabolic rate and metabolic age – all very depressing numbers to see. Thank goodness for the hypnotherapy that came after, helping me put it all into perspective as motivation to change.

On day three, we looked at some of the techniques I needed to start putting in place, such as eating wholefoods in the right proportions and at the right times. In this session, I learnt my new mantra: “The only problem eating ever solved is hunger”.

In the final session we talked about the specifics of fitting 
a gastric band and what it entails before watching a video of the surgery. Under hypnosis, Anna guided me through the surgery as if it were being performed on me. It sounds cuckoo, but 
I could actually feel my stomach tighten during the process.

After each session, Anna gave me a CD of the appointment’s hypnosis to listen to in my own time.

Don’t get me wrong, GmB is not a magic formula. You still have to be willing to confront your motives and make positive decisions. But right from the first session, I could sense a shift 
in what I wanted and why.


The physical results were impressive – I lost 7.5kg in just four weeks. But those kilograms are really only testament to the far more important results – the mental and emotional breakthrough. Getting to the root of why I want, and choose, 
to be overweight was a pretty powerful wake-up call, and one 
I’d been avoiding for many years. Once I’d confronted it, I was able to see the irrationality of my subconscious motives.

To others, I would say if you feel like you’ve tried everything and you’re on the cusp of getting bariatric surgery, I highly recommend you try this first. As a friend of mine who has been through the surgery explained, his weight was a mind problem and the surgery didn’t do anything to address that. GmB, on the other hand, is whole-mind solution to a complex issue.

Need to know

GmB Therapy (including the four sessions and subsequent weigh-ins), is Dh7,000 – far less expensive than actual gastric band surgery, and you don’t have the risks that an operation would bring. With approximately 14 hours of treatment, that works out at only Dh500 an hour. The therapy is on special offer at the moment for Dh5,000. To book an appointment with Anna Yates, call 050 651 2145 or email

By Ruby Chase

By Ruby Chase