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By Catherine Harper
17 May 2015 | 11:18 am
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Track it

Polar A300

Virgin Megastore now has the latest Polar fitness tracker – the A300 – in stock. Designed to make it as easy as possible for you to monitor your activity levels, the wrist-worn gadget allows you to keep track of your calorie burning, gauge the impact of each activity and access guidance on raising and maintaining fitness levels. It’s available in five colours and straps can be bought separately so you can co-ordinate your tracker with your outfit; there’s no excuse not to wear one!

Healthy attitude to food

Research has shown some 25 per cent of secondary-age schoolgirls in the UAE are affected by eating disorders; that’s a lot of girls. If you’re concerned about someone, the Human Relations Institute and Clinics can help.

Better Sleep

Slumber time

If you’re struggling to nod off at night, try a visit to the new branch 
of the Better Sleep centre – a multi-brand mattress and bedding store – in Al Barsha. Featuring a range of quality international brands and products, the centre approaches sleep from a holistic perspective, offering all manner of hints and tips on how to get a better night’s sleep, and they even organise events such as bed yoga sessions. 04 399 8575

Argan oil

Magic oil

Add a little argan oil to your food and feel the health benefits from the inside. Full of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, Argadiet – available in 11 flavours including lemon and garlic – is now stocked at a number of UAE stores including Spinneys, Carrefour and Union Co-op at Dh100 for 250ml.

Three free health apps to try


MyFitnessPal lets you count calories, make healthy food choices, keep a diet and exercise diary, see how many calories you’re burning during your workout and connect with other users online.


healthstored is a handy all-in-one app to record a number of health vitals including blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar, as well as keep track of your weight, periods and diet.

NHS Health and Symptom checker

NHS Health and Symptom checker Feeling unwell? Check your symptoms with this app and get info about your condition, advice on the courses of action, and read how to look after yourself.

By Catherine Harper

By Catherine Harper