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What’s new in the world of health, fitness and nutrition

By Catherine Harper
27 Mar 2016 | 04:22 pm
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Smart training

In need of a little help with your running? The new Sony Smart-B TrainerFor Running is an all-in-one customisable training device and app that incorporates performance monitoring with a range of other motivating features such as pace-matched music, real-time voice coaching and personalised training plans. The device is on a handy neckband with non-slip coating and features sensors for a number of key indicators including heart rate, pace and calories burnt. Dh999 from Sony Boutique, Dubai Mall. 04 339 8503

A healthy blend

There’s a new health food eaterie in town. @blend, at Shoreline Beach Club 4 on the Palm, is billed as the ‘most nutritionally advanced’ healthy cafe in Dubai and offers breakfast, salads and wraps alongside a range of juices and smoothies and even some healthy treats. All items have complete nutritional information including calorie count and full ingredients, and you can also add in extras such as collagen, immunity boosters and probiotics. 04 514 8966


It’s portable

New fitness app Classport does away with the need to restrict yourself to one gym. Offering the opportunity to take classes at hundreds of quality fitness facilities across Dubai - including yoga, Zumba, barre, martial arts and crossfit - Classport operates with one simple monthly membership fee of Dh339, which allows you unlimited classes across the facility network. There’s a limit of three classes per month at any one facility and a maximum reservation limit of four classes at any one time, after which you’ll need to either attend a class or remove one from your reservations to replace with another.

Chew it over

Chewing your food 40 times instead of 15 results in 12 per cent fewer calories being consumed, or 240 calories in a 2000-calorie-a-day diet. 240 less calories a day = 12kg weight loss in a year!*


Theo says it’s healthy

New meal plan delivery service Theo’s Point aims to ‘use your bio-individual food needs to create a tailor-made menu in order to restore your body to its natural state of homeostasis and health’. Say what?! Essentially, you’ll get a meal plan designed to manage a number of issues - including weight management, stress, anxiety and intolerances - through eating a healthy, balanced diet, and you’ll learn the effects different foods have on your physical and mental health. There are 3-, 6- and 9-month plans - including consultations with a nutritionist and access to courses on food and wellbeing - and prices start from Dh55 per day.

Fitness fashion


Step back in time

Retro fans might like to check out the new Le Coq Sportif running shoesexclusively available at Level One Shoe District, Dubai Mall. Released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the brand’s first ever shoe created with Dynactif technology, the retro runners stay true to their roots and feature the signature cushioning and energy transfer of the original shoe. There are three designs to choose from and prices start at Dh488.


Lorna Jane

There’s a new place to pick up your activewear. Australian brand Lorna Jane offers a range of pieces including sports bras, leggings, tanks and hoodies that’ll work for a variety of activities from gym to yoga and even post-workout, and keep you looking stylish while you’re at it. Specially designed LJ Excel fabrics are breathable, moisture wicking and flattering, and prices are reasonable.

3 new healthy options


1 There’s a new snack selection from Detox Delight. The Snack Delight range includes pure veggie chips, apple cinnamon crackers and choco coco crisps. Natural, vegan, gluten free and still fun! Dh29.


2 Go Organic has launched a new drink. Dnyan Ayurveda - black lemonade with activated charcoal and honey - promises to aid digestion, detoxify and banish bloating. Dh170 for a 4-pack of juices.


3 Healthy eating café Comptoir 102 now offers a selection of detox smoothies and juices packed full of ingredients such as bee pollen, dates and home-made almond milk. Prices from Dh20.

On a mission... the body I want


What’s happening? I’m finally getting my butt into gear and heading back to the size I want to be. It’s only taken me 15 years...

What’s on my plate? This month I’ve trialled Right Bite Express, a home delivery service where you can choose from a selection of healthy, calorie-counted meals and snacks without having to commit to a longer-term plan. I was pleasantly surprised to see a mushroom and Swiss burger, wholewheat lasagne and blueberry cheesecake on the menu! Dishes were tasty and varied and portion sizes just right. Expect to pay Dh12-Dh18 for starters and sides, Dh23-Dh38 for sandwiches and Dh36Dh42 for mains.

What’s on my mind? I think it’s safe to say my eating habits have done a full 360 thanks to Anna Yates at MindSolutions. Anna’s tailored weight management approach - including nutrition advice, talking therapy and hypnosis - has literally changed my life. Four sessions and plenty of listening to the hypnosis downloads at home have resulted in vastly reduced portions, no eating for any reason other than hunger and a weird ability to smile and say no to seconds and be happy with one quick bite of something sweet. My friends don’t recognise me.

What about exercise? The new I Am Training For campaign at Fitness First includes a three-day pass to get you started, as well as a training and meal plan designed for either weight loss or athlete training. I was amazed; gym workouts these days are all about giant balls, heavy ropes and stuff that wouldn’t look out of place on a TV bootcamp show. Far more fun! It’s definitely not been easy and I’ve been dragged well and truly out of my comfort zone, but I’ve been steadily gaining muscle so I can’t complain.

And the vitals… Last month my weight was 74kg; the tops of my arms, 29cm; waist, 76cm; hips, 100cm; bum, 110cm and thighs, 61cm. I’m 72kg this month and have lost fat and gained muscle. Current measurements are: arms, 29cm; waist, 74cm; hips, 96cm; bum 107cm; and thighs, 60cm.

*According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition/

By Catherine Harper

By Catherine Harper