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What’s new in the world of health, fitness and nutrition

By Catherine Harper
26 Jun 2016 | 11:41 am
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Juice it up

The health gurus at local juicery Detox Delight have great news: you don’t need to sign up for a lengthy programme to benefit from a bit of juicy goodness. Detox Delight is now offering Juice Delight Easy; order your juice cleanse with just one day’s notice, and rest assured your juices will keep – preservative-free, of course – in the fridge for up to 14 days (depending on juice). If you simply can’t survive without solids, there’s still the option of combining your juice with one of the super-healthy, super-tasty meal plans.

Take the natural approach

If you’re looking for an alternative to conventional medicine, try the new Intelligent Health clinic in Jumeirah 3. This multidisciplinary facility has doctors and practitioners specialising in a range of approaches including integrative, functional and preventative medicine, naturopathy, nutritional therapy, colon hydrotherapy, homeopathy and life coaching. 04 321 5222.

3 fitness apps to try


1 The GuavaPass app is available on iOS and Android and gives you access to a range of group fitness classes across Dubai with a monthly membership fee of just Dh449.


2 Sworkit offers a variety of workouts you can do anytime, anywhere with absolutely no equipment required. No gym, no excuse! Download for free on iOS and Android.


3 Fitnet gives you a range of five- to seven-minute workouts to do anytime, anywhere, and it even lets you use your camera phone to check you’re doing it right! Free on iOS and Android.

Summer special


Home-grown eatery Prêt To Go has teamed up with fitness experts U Energy to launch two new initiatives. Women get free access to the gym from 12pm on Tuesdays and a one-time free class – with a free energy shot and 50 per cent off all sandwiches and wraps. There’s also a 12-week challenge comprising a tailored training programme with a meal plan.

Wonderful water


We all know water before a meal helps us lose weight, but there’s more to it: the amount and timing are key! New research* shows 500ml, 30 minutes before a meal is ideal. *University of Birmingham, UK

A friend indeed

HealthBay Polyclinic has launched a new support group for those affected by cancer in the UAE. Whether you’re the patient, a carer, a family member or a friend, HealthBay Cancer Friends can help you understand more about the illness and what it means to be affected, and can help you find the best way to deal with it. There’s a meet-up once a month on a Monday (with refreshments provided) at the clinic’s Al Wasl Road branch, where you can connect with others in the same boat for advice, information and general support. Drop an email to to find out more and to register for the next monthly meeting.

Fitness fashion

Super support


Canadian yoga and activewear brand Lululemon’s S/S16 range is in store and there’s a range of new sports bras in stock. Good for a variety of activities from a high-impact workout to a fast-paced run, these comfy but still stylish bras are available in a variety of styles and colours, and provide ample support to keep everything in place while the rest of you is bouncing around.

Run free


Is this the most technical running shoe in town? Nike’s experts have been busy researching what happens to feet when we run and this is the result; the Nike Free RN, designed to accommodate the changes in size your foot undergoes as you stride. Featuring increased mobility, a pliable Flyknit upper and superior cushioning, the Free RN promises the most comfortable run yet.

On a mission... the body I want


Left: The photo that inspired my fat-loss journey. Right: Not quite there yet, but miles better than before!

What’s happening? I’ve been trying to lose fat, tone up and generally be happier with my body since January. Now, for a little extra motivation, I have an end date in sight – I’m off on my summer hols at the end of this month so being bikini ready by then is my target.

What’s on my plate? Following my colon hydrotherapy last month, I’ve been doing an Actumus cleanse ( to make sure my digestive system is in tip-top condition and not hindering my weight loss. All I do is mix up the magical Cleansing Drink – a blend of algae, chlorophyll, aloe and other natural goodness – and down it twice a day, and I can’t believe the difference it’s made! My skin (notorious for adult cystic acne) is clear, my digestive system is astonishingly regular and effective, and my energy levels are great. I can’t say whether it’s contributing to my weight loss, but it’s eliminated bloating, so my clothes fit better and I feel I look better. It’s safe to say I’ll be heading to Talise Spa at Al Qasr or the Organic Store to restock when I run out.

What about exercise? I’m a keen cyclist but I normally indulge in my hobby wearing Lycra on a cycle track, not zipped into a rubber skirt and fastened into a plastic pod... Hey ho, I’m nothing if not game to try new things! Hypoxi is meant to help you lose fat from stubborn areas prone to poor circulation such as hips and thighs. While I can’t say I’ve lost a huge amount of weight – just over a kilo of fat – I’ve gained muscle and my thighs are noticeably smoother, my cellulite has retreated a few centimetres up the back of my legs (finally) and I’ve lost centimetres from my waist, hips and bum. And the best bit has been that it’s barely any effort; I’ve literally been exercising with my laptop balanced on the pod, reading
the news and catching up on Facebook. Now that’s my kind of workout!

And the vitals… Last month my weight was 70kg; the tops of my arms, 28cm; waist, 73cm; hips, 96cm; bum, 105cm and thighs, 58cm. This month I’m still frustratingly stuck at 70kg, but I’ve lost fat and gained muscle, so my body fat has gone down another 1 per cent. This month’s measurements are: arms, 27.5cm; waist, 72cm; hips, 95cm; bum 103cm; and thighs, 57cm.

By Catherine Harper

By Catherine Harper