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Is it easy to be healthy in the UAE?

We asked readers of our sister publication Baby&Child to confess their healthy lifestyle wins and sins. Here is what they told us...

18 Jul 2016 | 01:44 pm
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Some stats to start, before we get to our readers’ comments...

1/3 of reader mums never stop dieting

41% of dubai mums believe their children are MORE HEALTHY for living in the UAE, while 33% say their children are LESS HEALTHY

83% of dubai mums say fitness and being healthy are VERY important

to them

Half of our readers say it is EASIER to be fit and healthy in the UAE, although 33% disagree, saying it is harder, due to the hot weather and hectic lifestyle

Although the majority of readers would like to eat a healthy diet and work out more, not having enough TIME to plan meals ahead or to take an exercise class, is the biggest factor counting against their efforts

Farzana Ali, British:

It’s more difficult to be fit and healthy in the UAE because there are so many amazing restaurants around; one of my biggest concerns is overeating.It’s also easier in a way, though, because we have the incentive of the good weather for so much of the year. I think we’re healthier as a family living here, because we get to spend so much time in the fresh air with walks on the beach.

Elisabeth Zyll, Polish:

It’s very important to me that I stay fit and healthy, but I do find it more difficult here as it’s so hot for a lot of the year and I don’t get enough time outdoors. I’d say my child probably isn’t healthier living here, as fresh, organic food is very expensive. I do find myself paying the premium so she can eat well, though.

Korena Herbert, American:

My children are definitely healthier living in the UAE as they’re outside all the time. We eat out less here than we would do in the States, and I cook far more at home. I want them to learn to be active and healthy and eat well, and I worry about them becoming overweight.

Korena Herbert, American:

I’m trying to avoid the word ‘diet’; instead, I’m looking at making lifestyle changes.

Leslie Darnley, American:

Keeping myself fit is non-negotiable for my wellbeing and that of my family. It’s quite easy in the winter months, but summer can be challenging. I worry about the quality of the air when we’re outside; I read recently that air quality in the UAE was among the worst in the world.

Leslie Darnley, American :

My biggest health and fitness concern for my son is that he spends more time in a mall than outside in a tree! Sometimes I feel he’d be more active if we lived in a cooler climate.

Tamilla Kurbanova, Uzbek/American:

I worry that we don’t do enough walking here in the UAE. And for my children, I worry that they don’t get enough Vitamin D.

Lana Murphy, Russian:

I don’t think it’s particularly difficult to be fit and healthy in the UAE; you just need to find the time.

Catherine Sullivan, British:

It’s definitely less difficult to be fit and healthy in the UAE, as we have so many outdoor activities available and so many gyms. However, my main health concern is weight gain; there’s just too much eating out!

Nadia Jamil, American:

I don’t think living in the UAE has anything to do with whether my children are healthy or not. If I cook healthy, they eat healthy!

Quelly Bailey, Filipino:

It’s more difficult to be fit and healthy in the UAE. You can’t exactly go for a run in the park in the summer.

Yvonne El-Danaf, American:

My biggest health concern for my children is being able to spend time outdoors, as it’s difficult because of the heat.

Annie Pelote, Portuguese:

It’s not always easy to exercise when you have a toddler, as you need a babysitter to watch them while you’re busy exercising.