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Meet our January challenger

Faye Roberts, 30, from the UK, signed up to be our first challenger and says she loved the experience of changing her lifestyle

By Louisa Wilkins
12 Jan 2015 | 03:49 pm
  • Faye Roberts.

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  • Faye Roberts.

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I’ve realised that for a long time I placed a lot of emphasis on mental challenges and not enough on physical ones. I always made sure I was reading to stimulate my mind, but I would go in and out of exercise. At OP Lifestyle, the life-coaching sessions helped me focus and stay motivated. I’ve learnt that I am capable of changing physically and mentally. And that I’m stronger than I think. I’ve also learnt that nutrition is key – not just to aesthetics but to your mental outlook. I feel proud of my body now and see it as something worth looking after. I think the combination of fitness and life coaching distinguishes this programme from any other fitness centre and, I would say, is key to its success.  

Matt Coe, CEO at OP Integrated Lifestyle Centre

Following the OP Lifestyle Assessment, Faye’s report showed her to have very low antioxidant levels and high levels of inflammation. This normally indicates a poor diet and irregular sleeping patterns. Her metabolic rate was equivalent to that of a 55-year-old woman, while her Bio-age was 38 – and she’s only 30!

We put Faye on a five-day juicing detox, increasing her intake of raw, alkaline-rich vegetables such as broccoli and kale to drop inflammation and kick-start weight loss. Her second nutrition phase involved a daily plan of her choice of low-fat meats, or fish, with raw or steamed vegetables twice per day, with her third meal being a juice. She did this for five days too.

Faye experienced the usual caffeine and sugar withdrawals, but her body’s response was dramatic – she lost 4kg in five days due to reduced inflammation!

The final nutrition phase was to eat raw vegetables and lean meats or fish, with one low-calorie, nutrient-dense juicing day per week. Soon, Faye’s energy levels soared along with her enthusiasm to train. Her determination to change was evident and it was a joy to see her benefit from her hard work.

By the end, her antioxidant score was amongst the highest we’ve seen and her Bio-Age plummeted to 28! Congratulations Faye! You are now 10 years younger.

Paula Duque, Trainer at OP Integrated Lifestyle Centre

Following Faye’s assessment we decided to really go for it and aim to reduce her Bio-Age by 10 years in just 10 weeks.

The biggest challenge was fitting her training sessions in around her work schedule and travel commitments. We committed to two early morning and two afternoon sessions per week.

With her body fat at 38.1 per cent, I introduced a lot of low-impact exercises to get her engine revving and her heart pumping, without risk of injury. We also did lots of body weight exercises and fun games – hula hoops and giant space hoppers are a great way to shed the pounds and literally laugh your belly off.

During an OP Integrated Lifestyle Centre class, everyone wears a heart rate monitor belt so that their calories burned, heart rate and effort points all show up on the screens in the gym. This really triggered Faye’s competitive nature and she would often burn between 800-1,000 calories per session, which is impressive.

By week three, Faye’s workouts included various skills, such as boxing pads, kettlebells, rowing, climbing ropes, shuttle sprints, suspension training and, of course, the space hoppers.

The change in Faye was amazing. Not only did her body shape change, she hit the goal of reducing her Bio-Age by 10 years! Good job Faye!

Carolyn Coe, the Skyrocket Sessions at OP Integrated Lifestyle Centre

When Faye started her Skyrocket Sessions coaching programme she was determined to create inner changes and feel the impact at a deeper level. I wanted to help her to recognise how her mind works and how she can create her life to match her unique talents and goals. The first step was to eliminate her negative thinking and self-talk.

Then, the programme helped her to re-assess her values, rules and emotional attachments. She quickly gained traction on the idea that change was easy. Her thoughts and mindset were the driving forces. That is when her real transformation began. After a few weeks, life wasn’t just happening to Faye anymore – she was creating it. Of course there were obstacles along the way: hospitalised by a jelly fish sting, international travel, a busy work schedule and OP’s lifestyle programme. But she took it all on board and, with her change in perspective, she continues to thrive.

The results!

Over the course of her challenge, Faye reduced her body fat from 38 per cent to just 30 per cent – a huge shift – and her weight dropped from 81kg to 73kg. Most importantly, her Bio-Age dropped from 38 to 28! Well done Faye! 

OP Integrated Lifestyle Centre

What they offer
: Not only do they have a state-of-the-art training centre, but they also have a wide range of tests that can measure the level of antioxidants in your body (and therefore your chance of getting cancer), your body’s Bio-Age and lots more. They offer fitness, nutrition and life coaching advice, you can design your own membership and there are no lengthy contracts or annual fees. They promise to increase your overall energy levels and vitality and get you feeling 10 years younger. For details, visit

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By Louisa Wilkins

By Louisa Wilkins