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Honesty memes: the truth about your lies

To celebrate our honesty issue, we opened up our closets and shared our dirty little secrets – and we asked you to do the same. Here’s what we found out...

Louisa Wilkins
21 Jun 2015 | 03:41 pm
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“Sometimes I put the baby to bed early so I can go on a ladies night.” — Tabi

“My husband does not know I’ve had Botox! I didn’t tell him and he still hasn’t noticed.” — Kate

“I always say that I’m a COFFEE LOVER. But the truth is I just love the smell of it and don’t drink it.” — Rowenna

“I told my son that the prize for a debate competition is a skateboard, which is his latest craving. I made it up so he would participate as I wanted him to overcome his fear of speaking in public.” — Nasha


“I told my boyfriend that I go to bed early and go offline at 9pm but I actually check my Facebook until after midnight.” — Rowenna

“I ate my son’s easter egg and told him the dogs ate it.” — Louisa


“My mum doesn’t know I eat breakfast outside every day; she thinks I starve and eat only home-made lunch.” — Reema

“Sometimes I’ve already eaten my lunch at 10.30... So I have another one at lunchtime.” — Persephone

“I was scheduled to have a big meeting at work. But I partied too hard the night before. I woke up really late and used my kids as an excuse because I knew no one would question it.” — Eloisa


“I forgive you,” I told my ex. But in my free time, I am still secretly plotting to get even.” — Rowenna


“I secretly sold my husband’s Xbox, which I bought him for Christmas on Dubizzle, and spent the money on clothes.” — Lucia

“I make my two-month-old baby sleep in the bed with us using the excuse that she’s afraid of the crib, but in reality it’s because I don’t want to have sex with my husband! During the daytime, my baby takes her naps in the crib!” — Laura

“Sometimes I get an afternoon to myself while my little one is at nursery and I have finished work early. My husband thinks I’m catching up with chores and shopping for food when in fact I sneak in a film at the cinema.” — Harriet

I told my son “eating chocolate makes your teeth fall out!” And I’m having some right now. — Melany

Louisa Wilkins

By Louisa Wilkins