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Why you need to be careful if you are planning a detox

Belle Yates
9 Nov 2015 | 05:26 pm
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Bootea, a detox tea which went through a sudden trend surge in the UK recently, was used by thousands of women, including celebrities, as way of losing unwanted weight in a fast and healthy way. After a sudden string of unplanned pregnancies, women began looking for answers and it appeared that Bootea was the common factor. And while on the website FAQs, Bootea experts advise that women on the diet pill should use other methods of contraception as a back-up during their detox period, it is not clearly stated on the packaging. According to Dr Sarah Hardman, deputy director of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare in London, this could be a side-effect of the tea flushing out toxins from the bloodstream and subsequent laxative effects, which could prevent the pill from being absorbed, or diminishing its efficiency. There has been backlash over the company not taking responsibility or thinking of the young women that this has affected, whose lives have been changed forever after trying to simply lose weight. Take home message – it is not the fault of the tea, but the side-effect of the diarrhoea. So, if you use a contraceptive pill, beware of upset tummies.

Belle Yates

Belle Yates

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