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3 ways to boost your relationship

Every day, do one small act of conscious love

By Belle Yates
20 Feb 2016 | 12:00 am
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Dedicate time

According to Dr Lavina Ahuja, a personal development trainer and consultant at LifeWorks Dubai, we need to dedicate
20 minutes a day to spending time with our partner. This means no technology; just talking, and not superficial, functional talk. Genuinely talk, and listen, to each other for 10 minutes each.

Actions over words

“We often forget to just show our partner that we care about them,” says Dr Lavina. “Every day, do one small act of conscious love. Give your partner a hug, make him a cup of tea, cuddle up to him, or leave him an I-love-you note or message. Small acts of love can really help you and your partner tune in to each other.”

Argue the right way

Dr Lavina suggests sitting down after an argument and talking about what went wrong. Try to set up ‘rules’ for your arguments, but don’t agree to something you can’t stick to. After everything, you both need to resolve matters and apologise for anything hurtful that was said.

By Belle Yates

By Belle Yates