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Love bites

At our last Aquarius Mummy Morning we wanted to know all about the significant other in your life, and your date nights…

By Belle Yates
7 Feb 2016 | 10:54 am
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How often do you have a date night?

Top answer

Once in a blue moon

“Pre-baby, we went out once a week or so, but since we had our son, we haven’t had one yet!” — Leila Amos

What do you normally do on a date night?

29% Dinner

“Get a sitter, get all pampered and ready to go!” — Anna Pelote

21% Cook at home together

“We cook together with nice music on in the background, some nibbles and a couple of glasses.” — Jaana Fanucci

Are you both from the same country?

Yes 57%

No 43%

“No, I am German, he is Indian.” — Dorothee Khanna

56% of Aquarius readers say that their idea of a perfect date night is a romantic one

“A drive, followed by dinner at an outdoor Italian restaurant, preferably candle-lit — it’s bit cliché isn’t it?” — Jyotika Mathur

43% of Aquarius readers say they met their husband in Dubai, 57% said they met elsewhere

“No — at a bus stop in Australia 14 years ago!” — Kirsty Radley

By Belle Yates

By Belle Yates