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Awakening your Third Eye

Energy healer Seda Goksel gives us her insight into this spiritual phenomenon

As told to Louisa Wilkins
13 Nov 2013 | 04:56 pm
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“The Third Eye is one of human beings’ most powerful energy centres, located in the middle of the forehead. I believe that when it is awakened, the Third Eye can act as a ‘stargate’ that sees beyond space and time. It is considered the most powerful source of ethereal energy.

“The scientific site of the Third Eye is the pineal gland –
a gland in the brain, that produces hormones and is thought
to be important in initiating psychic talents.

“To activate the Third Eye means to raise your own frequency and move into a higher consciousness. Meditation, visualisation, yoga, reiki and other spiritual experiences open the Third Eye and allow you to ‘see’ beyond the physical. Once it is activated, your psychic abilities will increase as well as your dream time messages. At first, you may use your Third Eye with your eyes closed, but as you go on with your practice, you will be able to open your Third Eye by focusing your attention and receiving messages with your physical eyes open.

“I believe we are constantly receiving messages, signs, and symbols from the world. You can call them your ancestors, your higher self, or whatever you want to – the terminology is not important, but the messages can be life transforming. Third Eye activation enables you to receive messages, interpret them and apply the learnings.

“Some of the benefits of Third Eye activation are having increased intuition, having a better direction in life, knowing your life/soul purpose, having more psychic awareness, never feeling alone, enjoying better health and well-being, clearer and more vivid dreams, astral projection, lucid dreaming, a better knowledge of your ‘self’ as a spiritual being in a physical reality, better connection with non-physical spiritual beings, increased overall knowledge, and a reduced risk of danger.

“Additionally, we all have different gifts, which are delivered through your Third Eye. By activating your Third Eye, you will see if you are a healer, a medium, a teacher, a counsellor, a clairvoyant (seeing beyond the physical), a clairaudient (hearing beyond the physical), a clairsentient (feeling beyond the physical), or anything else.

“Awakening the Third Eye is a topic that many people are interested in – I get a lot of questions about it from my clients, so I have started running a workshop on it.

“In the first part of the workshop, we talk about what the Third Eye is, how you open it and how you allow the massive power that already exists within you to be unleashed. In the second part, I help people activate their Third Eye using my own techniques. The third part is about what happens next as, once your Third Eye is open, you may have some unusual experiences – some that are pleasant, and some that are not.

“How do you know if you have awakened your Third Eye? If when you close your eyes you see any of the following, it is a sign that you have awakened your Third Eye – white/blue/purple colours; intense white dots; a black sky with numerous stars; an eye, square or circle shape filled with blue or purple.

“When you close your eyes when you are tired, or relaxing, or about to fall sleep, you may suddenly get all kinds of images in your mind’s eye. Some of them will not make any sense to you, some of them will be very vivid, others will be blurred. There are all kinds of dimensions out there and, with your Third Eye opened, you will be able to pick up on them. The higher vibration you offer, the higher developed the worlds you will be able to explore. If you offer a very high vibration (that of peace, love, gratitude and happiness), you will be able to see more developed worlds than even the one in which we live.

“Sometimes it may seem to you that you get information overload, and you may not be able to tune out of these dimensions. This happens because you are new to the experience, so you may not know how to switch off the
Third Eye and that might scare you.

“All you should do is open your eyes. You can also listen
to music before going to sleep and that should help turn off
this sight.”

Seda Goksel is an energy healer offering reiki healing, theta healing, cord cutting, hypnotherapy, spiritual guidance, qigong and intuitive readings. She is running an ‘Awakening your Third Eye’ workshop on November 1 and December 7 – Dh699 per person.
Visit, or call 04 448 7043. 

As told to Louisa Wilkins

As told to Louisa Wilkins