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It’s all about money

Where’s the cheapest place to shop around town? Can I buy second-hand? Which credit card should I choose? A new year often prompts us into a financial overhaul. Here’s our guide to budgeting and finance for 2015…

By Catherine Harper
11 Feb 2015 | 12:00 am
  • Your daily staples cheaper.


We all have our favoured supermarkets, but have you ever wondered if you could buy your staples cheaper somewhere else? Well, here’s your answer. We picked a bag of essentials we reckon most of us buy on a regular basis and trawled the supermarkets to see how much they’d cost us in each one. The results were interesting!

The items

1 One litre of milk

2 A large loaf of wholemeal bread

3 A kilo of chicken breast

4 A kilo of potatoes

5 A kilo of bananas

6 250g Bega Strong and Bitey cheese

7 A box of Barilla wholegrain spaghetti

8 A can of Heinz baked beans

9 A can of chopped tomatoes

10 A 3kg box of Ariel washing powder

To find out how much your basic staples cost in supermarkets across Dubai, click here.

By Catherine Harper

By Catherine Harper