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Life Challenge Week 1: Bhawna Verma

Life Challenger Bhawna Verma on her main goals and kicking off the challlenge

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8 Mar 2012 | 05:08 pm
  • "I am nervous and excited to begin the Life Challenge."

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Age: 35
Nationality: Indian
My overall aim is to… rediscover myself.
The area of The Life Challenge I’m most looking forward to is… Definitely the NLP life coaching. I know I have some limiting beliefs and patterns in my life. I’ve read about it and know how it can help.  

The beginning of any great or small deed takes place in our thoughts first and continues to become our reality with the right intention and action. I am nervous and excited to begin the life challenge and as I inch towards the first day, my intent is to ‘Let go of any judgments, limitations, conditioning and opinions which might come in the way of change  and let me embrace a new way of life as smoothly as a fish takes to water.
As you read this, I invite you to become a witness and partner in my journey for the next couple of months and you might be surprised to find some of your issues on my list of ‘things to sort out’!

Mine looks like this:
- Tone up the flab, ward of cellulite, improve digestion, get rid of aches n pains and exercise daily
- Eat healthy, eat slow and find inspiration in cooking
- Decide what I really want out of my life, stop beating up myself if I make mistakes and be at peace with myself in whatever I do

Get, set, go…..! 

Week one, day six

Fitness finally comes first

A week into the Life challenge and I can see myself in a comedy of errors. No, it’s not the Life Challenge which is to be blamed – my coaches Lily (nutrition), Carolyn (NLP life coaching) and Mike (Fitness First) are kind and focused people. It’s me who’s struggling to fit into my new schedule. I was quite settled into the role of a homemaker. Suddenly, my diary is filling up with appointments and daily visits to the gym.

Mike, fitness manger at Fitness First, Sharjah, booked me up for various group exercise classes and personal training sessions based on my current fitness level and future goals. However, it has been a struggle to fix breakfast, pack lunch boxes, drop my son to his play school and then rush to the gym for the classes. I missed the Zumba class on the first day and, on the second, I forgot to pack my sneakers and was the target of some strange looks as I roamed about the gym floor in my socks. I also never remember to take a water bottle – oh, and I have to upload some fast beats on to my iPod to get into the groove while I am sweating it out on the cross-trainer.

But, besides these minor glitches, I absolutely love the gym routine. Fitness First is the largest gym in Sharjah and although it takes me some time to reach there, it’s worth every minute of the journey. The ladies section has state-of-the-art equipment, expert personal trainers, a huge studio for group exercise, steam and sauna facilities and a relaxing lounge with internet access. It’s inspiring to train with a group of people, all of them trying to become fitter and healthier! 

Week one, day seven 

My first meeting with Lily, nutritionist from the Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre, was nothing short of an eye-opener. Prior to this appointment, I maintained a food journal for about 10 days. As we went through my daily food entries, Lily pointed out that I was eating the same kind of food every day. She went on to explain that it’s a natural human tendency to pick up the same kind of fruits and vegetables whenever we go to the supermarket. Being a vegetarian from an Indian background, wheat and rice are my staples. I went into the meeting proud of the fact that I was eating healthy vegetables at least twice a day (plus my daily glass of milk in the morning) but Lily had news for me. Eating the same kind of food over the years can create intolerance towards it. Your body starts craving more variety and, if we continue to stick to the same foods, it can actually harm the internal lining of your intestines causing inflammation, or bloating.

In my case, I’ve eaten rotis made from wheat flour every day for the last 30 years. Wheat is often something many people develop an intolerance to, so it's quite good to not eat wheat on a daily basis and to rotate it with other non-wheat products. I thought it was the best time to confess about the recent bloating issues I was facing. Lily charted out a seven-day diet plan for me and I am doing my best to follow it.

The best learning from this session – Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar. 


Aquarius magazine

Aquarius magazine

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