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Life Challenge Week 1: Noha El Shazly

Life Challenger Noha El Shazly on her main goals and kicking off the challenge

Aquarius magazine
8 Mar 2012 | 12:10 pm
  • Noha El Shazly

    "The Life Challenge came at exactly the right time, and I’m so looking forward to going through it and making a good use of this experience."

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Age: 29
Nationality: Egyptian
My overall aim is to… Start a new chapter in my life – mind and body, inside and out.
The area of The Life Challenge I’m most looking forward to is… Learning how to take care of myself, finding peace and having faith in myself.
The most difficult part of The Life Challenge for me will be...Opening up. For me it’s easier said than done and I’m definitely stepping out of my comfort zone by talking publicly about all of this.

Those who know me well know that I tend to be private about my life, so doing this is a challenge for me in itself. But my dad always says, “If you are afraid to do something, go ahead and do it!” So, here I am and I will talk about my journey through the next two months of my Aquarius life challenge.

Lately, my life has been turned upside down, from not eating right and having some health issues to quitting exercising and losing faith in a lot of things I used to believe strongly in - it all tends to take its toll on you, so eventually I started feeling tired and emotionally exhausted.

It’s refreshing to be going through all of this at this particular time of my life. The Life Challenge came at exactly the right time, and I’m so looking forward to going through it and making a good use of this experience.

So far, I’ve met my nutritionist, Sarah Queen, and it’s going good. I’ve started making a habit of having breakfast daily (which I’ve rarely done for about a year).  A lot of changes are yet to happen and, insh’Allah, I’ll get my health back in no time.

Next week, I’m meeting Patricia, my life coach. I am so thrilled about that part and have been going through the pre-study she sent me… it sounds very intriguing! I will also start with my fitness routine without quitting this time! More updates to come later…

Week one, day one 

For the first time I feel I’m actually putting my stubbornness to good use! It’s a bit frightening knowing I have to follow a specific way of eating and knowing I have a list of don't-touch food, and the fact that I have to eat three meals a day is still strange to me as I’m used to eating what I want, when I want. But my nutritionist Sarah has me on a planned, yet flexible, eating plan, with no deprivation and only smart, healthy choices. I’ll take it slowly and seriously. I've started watching what I eat carefully but last year I vowed not to cook again, and I haven’t really been friends with the kitchen since!

Even though I have a minor cold, still went to the gym and had a good workout. Three meals and exercise in one day... all in all I’m quite pleased with myself. Not too bad for the first day.

Week one, day two

Feeling good

It feels good to know that you are doing yourself good. Today was a full day but, even though I almost spent most of it outside, I managed to eat right and healthy throughout the day, get my vitamin D, exercise and catch up with a dear girlfriend of mine. It’s simply amazing to have control over your life back. All in all, a very positive day. 

Week one, day three

Breakfast and breakthroughs

I’m starting to realise that having breakfast actually gives me more energy and means I’m much more in control of what I eat later on in the day. So, I made myself an omelet with a gluten-free tortilla bread and headed to the beach for my ‘feel good’ energy of the day. 

Later I met with Patricia Quartin von Sydow, my life coach – what a beginning! I can say with no doubt that what I learned through this session is very powerful… how easy and hard at the same time it is to tell your own mind what you want! Patricia took me through a journey inside my own mind and soul. I admit it wasn’t easy and it’s still not easy to open up and show that I’ve been hurt and disappointed, but with the insight I’m getting, it is worth it. Her words encouraged me to open up more and to hear her saying that I’m “a strong woman” gave me the push I needed to really go through this and to want to make up for all those wasted nights and days thinking I’m helpless and weak. 

Week one, day four

Getting moving

What I am most proud of doing today is my work out. I pushed myself hard! Can’t wait to start with my personal training sessions with Fitness First. I’m realising that you choose what you want in life - be it drama or simply to have peace with yourself. For some time now I’ve chosen not to choose, but I’m really liking re-introducing myself to myself again.

Week one, day five

Today was a busy day at work, which kind of affected my eating plan. I’ve been thinking about Sarah all day and freaking out about when she sees my food diary for today! But I’m sure she’ll understand… Sarah, I promise I’ll try to plan better next time I know I’ll be having a hectic day!

I did a workout today, but not as hardcore as the day before… my mind was preoccupied. A couple more days to go until I see Patricia again. I think I might be starting an addiction!


Aquarius magazine

Aquarius magazine

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  • Ahmed Elshazly, Cairo, Egypt

    I am glad to follow you every day trying to get your self back. Please be yourself to improve faster and easier, to be my wonderful daughter again. Continue with my best wishes. Your father.