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Life Challenge Week 5: Bhawna Verma

An old infection returns as Bhawna begins to listen to her body

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8 Apr 2012 | 02:30 pm
  • Bhawna

    Bhawna in the stretch pink Hummer on her way to B:LUSH Ladies' Night at Media One Hotel.


Week 5, day 4

Colonic round two

The second colon hydrotherapy session was easier than the first as I knew what to expect. As Kay got busy with the therapy, she explained the importance of breathing through our bellies. Usually we pay attention to our breathing in yoga classes only, but in reality, it is the ideal way to breathe all the time. To put things in perspective, I was asked how a newborn breathes; how frequently he/she is fed; and how often they empty their stomachs. Well, it turns out that babies naturally breathe through their abdomen (watch the cute rise and fall of their tiny bellies), demand for milk every couple of hours and empty their stomachs frequently. As we get older, our lungs lose elasticity and tissue, muscles and bones change and we have a tendency to breathe less deeply. Imagine your abdomen is a balloon, inflating with each inhale. In my case, it was a liberating experience and Kay told me it was helping me in clearing the intestines with each exhale. 

After the colonic, I felt raw and unsettled and decided to spend an hour at the soft sands of Jumeirah beach before heading home. I didn’t understand why I felt so lost at that moment but I was soon to know. Within 12 hours, I developed an infection which had last visited me a few years back. As I frantically sent a message to Kay, she explained that we store a lot of negative emotions in our gut. A colonic helps to release this unwanted baggage and sometimes old illnesses and infections reappear as they are on their way out. It’s a detox at many levels – physical as well as emotional. It was best not to resist it and take it as a sign for something you needed to let go of. Listening to my body for the first time, I realised it was arising due to a lack of direction and excessive co-dependency. Continuously doubting myself and blaming others for everything going wrong in my life had led to the build up of unresolved negative feelings. The ensuing days were spent in introspection and, fortunately, I feel much lighter now. Anybody who has ever gone through a detox will vouch for it! 

Week 5, day 6

B:LUSH night out!

We completed a month of the Life Challenge and so the fabulous ladies at Aquarius organized an evening out to B:Lush Ladies night at Media One Hotel to celebrate the milestone. And, boy, did we do it in style?! As the looooooonnnng Hummer stopped in front of me, the driver opened the door and invited us to step in, I felt every bit the star! Admiring the skyline of Dubai from inside the pink stretch gave me another high altogether (and no it wasn’t from the red wine I gulped down in seconds). 

The drive from the Aquarius office to Media One hotel was short, but it will be etched in my memory forever. You don’t get to travel like movie stars everyday! It was great to meet up with all of the Challengers and to exchange our trials and achievements of the last month over the cheery clink of drinks. A dinner at The Med restaurant, on the terrace, was the perfect way to get our bits together and forget our tight schedules. It was encouraging to see that all of us were serious about the challenge and were giving it their best shot. 

All set for the last month of the Life Challenge.


Aquarius magazine

Aquarius magazine

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  • Seema Kohli, Panchkula, India

    As you explain your journey it is so vivid that I feel I am experiencing some part of it myself. Thank you for such revealing facts and obvious inspiration. Congratulations.