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Life Challenge Week 6: Inga Stevens

Inga dejunks her wardrobe, starts cooking veggie and falls in love with her new piano

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22 Apr 2012 | 12:00 pm
  • Piano

    Inga's new piano.

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  • 100 Villas in Dubai

    The 100 Villas in Dubai (where JBR is now), is where Inga used to live, and where she would swim in the sea as a kid.

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  • Beetroot salad

    Inga's homemade beetroot salad.

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Week six, day one

Life as a Bedouin

With the Easter weekend approaching what better time for a wardrobe clear out. The catalyst for this clear out came after a comment from my brother. He asked me if I was going to throw away all my ‘tent’ clothes after the Life Challenge. My ‘tent’ clothes? I beg your pardon? Whatever could he mean by that? So I decided the only way to find out was to get every item of clothing out of my wardrobe and to go through each item one by one. Ok so there are a few dresses that may be described as slightly ‘tent-like’, but isn’t that the fashion? And they are so comfortable and they cover up all the unsightly bumps and lumps. But maybe he has a point. Covering up with clothes two sizes too big doesn’t really cover anything up. It just lets people know that you really have something to hide under all those layers. Two hours later I had accumulated two bin bags destined for recycling and one that was heading straight for the bin. What was the point of all this hard work in the food and exercise department if I was never going to show it off anyway? I still have a long way to go till I look hot in a micro-mini but clearing away all the cover-up clothes will at least stop me from being tempted to fall back into bad habits anytime soon. 

Week six, day two

Embracing my inner vegetarian

If I am perfectly honest, I am not actually a bad cook. I have no trouble rustling up a roast dinner, or a beef bourguignon, but my main weakness is vegetarian food. It’s not that I don’t like eating vegetables, in fact I quite enjoy it, but it’s my lack of imagination when it comes to veggie-recipes that often leaves me less than enthused for a dish that doesn’t contain any animal protein. Lily had some great tips this week for delicious vegetarian dishes; she recommends beetroot as an active ingredient in your weekly diet. Lucky for me I am obsessed with beetroot and will happily add it to my diet three to four times a week.

I came across this beetroot and spinach recipe courtesy of the wonderful world of the internet. It was a delicious lunch on its own and made a nice side dish for my oven-backed mackerel in the evening. 

  • 1 jar of cooked beetroot
  • 8 baby tomatoes
  • 1 bag of fresh organic spinach
  • 1 tbs of cottage cheese
  • Red-wine vinegar + Dijon mustard for the dressing

Prepare the dressing by mixing the vinegar and Dijon mustard with a little flaxseed oil. I also added a handful of sunflower seeds for extra crunch. Mix the rest of the raw ingredients together in a bowl before adding the dressing. Sprinkle the cottage cheese on top and enjoy! 

Week six, day three


With summer just around the corner, I have decided to try and get back into swimming. Growing up in Dubai, we practically lived either in the sea or in a swimming pool from the age of two or three. Our annual swimming galas were a serious business and many of us were swimming a mile by the age of 10. There is nothing more enjoyable than donning your goggles and swimming cap (not very sexy I know) and hitting the pool for 50 laps. The problem is that in the past few years I have always found some excuse or other not to get back into the pool; I haven’t got the right swimming costume, or my goggles are leaky, or the water is too cold. I need to stop thinking about it as a chore and actually remind myself of how invigorating and enjoyable it can be. Today’s task is to go out and get all the gear together so I no longer have any sort of excuse. I might not be able to fit swimming into my schedule during the last three weeks of this Life Challenge but it will be a positive change I will certainly look forward to re-kindling once I have more time on my hands in the next month or so. 

Week six, day four 

My life in harmony 

I am in love!!! With my new piano that is. Isn’t she beautiful?? Who needs babies or a husband when you can have your very own piano right? Music, or more specifically musical instruments, was always a big part of my childhood and adolescence, but as adulthood took over I never found the time to practice any more. My flute was slowly relegated to the top of the wardrobe, the piano remained at my dad’s house and my cello was abandoned in my grandmother’s basement years ago. You can’t imagine the guilt that I felt for neglecting something that I had been so passionate about for years! It was so sad saying ‘I used to be a piano player’. It is clear that I have a lot of scales and arpeggios to get through before I am anywhere near as good as I was all those years ago, but I am determined to make it a priority in my life from this day forward. A massive thank you to my father who kindly assisted me with a financial donation towards the price of the piano, I couldn’t have done it without him. 

Week six, day five

Squeaky clean 

I have to say, having colonic hydrotherapy (or irrigation, but that sounds like you’re watering your lawn) was nothing like I had expected. Hand on heart, it was not as bad as you think. As a first-timer I had all sorts of horror scenes playing out in my mind, but hearing the positive experiences from the other Life Challengers put my mind at rest from the beginning. 

First of all, I only had the treatment last night and I already feel fantastic! Well, I actually felt great as soon as it was over but waking up this morning I am super pumped about the difference it has made to my abdomen. Goodbye bloating and hello (semi) flat stomach! OK so not quite flat (yet) but give it a few more months and I am determined it will be. 

Kay (colonic hydro therapist extraordinaire) looked stunning I will happily continue to put my stomach-health in her hands (almost literally!) if I can come out of this looking half as good as she does. I’m not quite sure how old she is but if her skin is anything to go by, she isn’t a day over 18! 

Can’t wait for my second session next week! I feel like this is a great way to accelerate into the last few weeks of the Life Challenge. They really have saved the best for last! 

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