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Life Challenge Week 7: Karin Londt

Karin experiences some bad karma at work and adopts a dog

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24 Apr 2012 | 09:50 am
  • Lester the dog

    Karin's new dog Lester.

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Week seven day one

Meet Lester

As some of you may remember from a few weeks back, I was looking to adopt a new pet, but have had disappointingly little luck finding the perfect one. Well, my luck has changed. Meet (wo)man’s best friend, Lester. He’s a five-year-old, 40-kilo American Bulldog crossed with heaven-knows-what. He is also the most peaceful, serene dog I have ever met. I actually have to get up in the mornings, nudge him awake, and get the leash for his walk.

He spends most of the day asleep, eats a tonne and doesn’t much bother barking or doing other doggie-appropriate things. Come to think of it, he sounds a bit like me, pre-Challenge! Lester is a rescue dog. I found him on Dubizzle and helped a family who could no longer take care of him. If only all pet owners showed the same integrity.

The business set-up has hit a bit of a snag, since I have to finish the hated business plan. Ten pages in and I am profoundly bored. Dear readers, please, PLEASE help. How necessary is this business plan/evil? What is the secret to writing a good one? Any, and all, advice is feverishly anticipated.

“Five kilos more!” This is my go-to mantra when I cannot take another step, lift another weight or pedal another pedal (?).

We have stepped it up this week, and included learning capoeira and zumba to add the type of variety my fitness coach insists my personality type needs. All I know is that it has added pain to places I didn’t even know I had! However, since starting the Challenge I have lost roughly five kilos, so it must all be worth it.

Week seven, day two


Fergie’s doing it for me today… I woke up feeling very girlie. I spent the day doing my nails (fire-engine red!), colouring my hair, waxing my legs and having a relaxing facial.

For afters, I enjoyed a glass of vino, watched the very glamorous Gossip Girl and had a lovely garden salad with feta, olives and the best cold-pressed olive oil in the world!

And how did this wondrous day come to pass? I asked for it, that’s how!

I have been the quintessential overworked, under-appreciated wife, mother and woman. I placed everyone else’s needs and wants above my own. In this aspect I am no different from women all over the world. However, since starting the Life Challenge, and in particular the life coaching, I realise that I can take so much better care of others in my life, if I take care of myself first.

So, I told hubby I needed some “me-time”, checked into the Kempinski at the Mall of the Emirates and treated myself to a day away from all of it. I didn’t feel guilty (an overrated emotion, in my opinion). I didn’t beat myself up over the obscene amount of money it cost, nor did I have any last minute doubts about leaving my daughter for a WHOLE night. I packed an overnight bag and set off for some long overdue pampering and glamour! 

Week seven, day three


I knew I had it coming. One does not inform one’s boss of one’s intention of never coming back to work via a blog and get away with it. So when the proverbial stuff hit the proverbial fan, I was relieved. Having placed myself on cause was liberating. I knew I had caused this, so I felt like I was in control of the outcome. I accepted the punishment meted out with grace and promised to be good for the remainder of my contract with my present employer. Two months and counting…

That does not mean I cannot go on working on my dream though. I am still setting up my business, albeit on a part-time basis. I am still working on risk management strategies, marketing plans and other business-y things I won’t bore you with. I am determined to see this through. The alternative is death (a bit dramatic I know). Seriously though. Can you imagine going back to a desk job after all this? No? Me neither. 

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