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Life coach Patricia Quartin von Sydow

Bringing the challengers awareness will be Patricia's aim during the Life Challenge

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5 Mar 2012 | 10:56 am
  • Patricia Quartin von Sydow

    Patricia is Master NLP life coach at Evolutionary Coaching.

    Source:Grace Paras/ANM

Name: Patricia Quartin von Sydow

Profession: Master NLP life coach at Evolutionary Coaching (

Mission: “To bring the challengers awareness and show them their true potential and value. I believe our true potential is hidden behind some memories, beliefs and habits. By deconstructing them, planning, and constructing new ones, a new and empowered being emerges.”

My life coaching philosophy is… “Life without dreams can't be the life of your dreams. Take control of your life and dare to dream. Knowing yourself better will not just allow you to do that, but also to be the best you can be.”

I got into NLP life coaching because… “In my life I always took personal development as a very serious subject. After facing some life challenges of my own, I found an effective, practical yet holistic way to develop, in NLP coaching. The results were so good that, after that, I just wanted to offer the same gift to others, and it's been very rewarding since then.

My favourite part of being an NLP life coach is… “To see the shift on people’s faces after they release unprocessed negative emotions and limiting beliefs. Why do we carry them with us for such a long time? It's not necessary… we can simply take the learning and move on. When we get rid of them, we have a new world with unlimited possibilities. We are free to dream, to plan and achieve everything we want, because we deserve it!”

If I wasn’t a life coach… “I would probably still be working as an architect/interior designer, changing inner spaces instead of inner minds and inner selves.”

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