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Nutritionist Christina Doublichevitche

Christina believes nutrition affects all aspects of our daily life, not only health

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5 Mar 2012 | 11:15 am
  • Christina Doublichevitche

    Christina is a nutrition consultant at Unilever.

    Source:Stefan Lindeque/ANM

Name: Christina Doublichevitche

Profession: Nutrition consultant at Unilever, representing brands such as Ponds skincare range (

Mission: “To show the challengers that change is easy as longas you do it step-by-step, and that eating healthy is not necessarily about losing weight, but about making daily healthy choices and incorporating these choices into their lifestyle.”

My nutrition philosophy is… “Apply change gradually. Small healthy steps go along way.”

I got into nutrition because… “I believe nutrition affects all aspects of our daily life, not only health. Eating healthy will help you look good, feel good, manage stress, perform better, get fit… not to mention, live longer.”

My favourite part of being a nutritionist is… “When my patients feel the benefits of the changes they made and realise it wasn’t that hard.”

If I wasn’t a nutrition consultant… “I would probably be a life coach, or psychologist.”

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