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Three changes to make in 2016

Three ideas for easy but meaningful life changes

By Belle Yates
5 Jan 2016 | 03:43 pm
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Slow down Life is not a race – you can take time to be in the moment, and also plan ahead and schedule enough time for important matters so there’s no need to rush. Planning ahead, and writing it down, will help you focus. The American Heart Association recommends scheduling in some down time for a hobby or relaxing.

Single-task The opposite of multitasking, you focus on one task at a time. According to Leo Babauta, founder of Zen Habits, by constantly switching between things, you don’t do your best on each task or get as much done. You’ll be less stressed and happier at work by taking more quality time on each task.

Befriend positive people We have new friends, old friends, happy friends and mad friends, but this year, surround yourself with positive friends, who have a love for life. By constantly being around negative people and their bad vibes, we are robbed of our energy and drive says American positive attitude coach, Ryan C Lowe.

By Belle Yates

By Belle Yates