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Three things successful people do before breakfast

Doing these three things before breakfast maximises your time

By Karina Sharma
1 Sep 2015 | 12:00 am
  • Things to do before breakfast.

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Schedule coffee meetings

Instead of getting home late because of meetings, begin networking first thing over coffee. Cafés are less crowded, the middle of your day won’t be interrupted by lunch meetings, and you won’t have to sit through hour-long dinners.

Take time to reflect

As the saying goes, “Meditate for 10 minutes every day – unless you’re too busy. Then do it for an hour.” Morning meditation helps you handle stress better, makes your mind stronger and sets a calmer, more efficient pace for the day.

Ban the snooze button

In a poll of 20 executives by author Laura Vanderkam, 90 per cent said they wake up before 6am on weekdays. It doesn’t mean you have to start working straight away but an extra 30 minutes to read in bed or eat a proper breakfast goes a long way.

By Karina Sharma

By Karina Sharma