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10 Beauty resolutions for the New Year

Founder of The Nail Spa and Marquee, Shabana Karim reveals her goals for her 2017 beauty regime

24 Jan 2017 | 11:23 am


The Nail Spa and Marquee believe in starting the year as you mean to go on, so we asked their founder Shabana what promises she aims to keep in the coming year…

1. Regular manicures and pedicures

“I’m going to try for every three weeks, not just for vanity reasons but because it’s really good for your nail health! Regular manicures and pedicures will enhance the health of your nails, promoting faster growth and also maintaining well moisturised cuticles - no-one likes painful hangnails! It also it doesn’t hurt that it gives you a little ‘me time’ and some time to sit back and relax!”

2. Updating my hair colour

“I’d like to change my hair for the summer. There are so many new innovations in hair colour that leave very little damage to your hair. At Marquee we use Olaplex which is revolutionary for colouring your hair - it works magic on blondes. We have so many customers who come to us with damaged hair from over-bleaching, we are able to achieve their desired look whilst leaving them with luscious, glossy hair. I’m definitely going a few shades lighter come July.”

3. Monthly facials

“Facials are so important to introduce regularly into your beauty regime. I’m going to make sure one is put into my diary at least once a month. There are so many benefits to this and there are lots to choose from. Always make sure you go to a trained professional as a therapist should be able to advise a facial depending on your skin type. If your skin is beautiful and in good condition you’ll feel confident and will be able to wear less makeup - which is a big bonus in the hotter months. Often I will just use a CC Cream during the week and only opt for a foundation if I’m going out in the evenings.”

4. Keeping fit

“The cliché New Year’s resolution but I’m going to do it - work out at least four times a week! There are so many amazing fitness studios in Dubai that there is no excuse not to get a workout. Not only does it have an countless health benefits, working out also releases happy endorphins. If you feel happy and beautiful on the inside you will be even more beautiful on the outside!”

5. Watching what I eat

“Recently I met with a dietitian and I was so shocked to find out that fruit is loaded with natural sugars. I’m going to monitor my fructose intake this year by making sure I do not eat any fruit after 4.00pm and also staying away from ‘healthy’ fruit-packed smoothies.”

6. Maintaining brow perfection

“We have recently introduced microblading as a service at The Nail Spa, I can assure you it is a life changing procedure! It is a form of semi-permanent makeup that enhances your eyebrows in a natural way - you can have perfect brows 24/7. It can last up to one to three years but if you like them defined like I do, you’re going to have to join me at TNS every six months for a touch up.”

7. Taking a moment

“I have recently implemented meditating and journaling into my morning routine. As I have such a busy lifestyle running to each of our 16 TNS and Marquee locations throughout the week sometimes I don’t have much spare time. In 2017 I will make time. I notice such a change in myself when I do these activities in the morning, they help centre me and remind me to be grateful for all I have achieved. A phrase I love that links with this is ‘always stop to smell the roses’.”

8. Exfoliating daily

“This really helps the appearance of my skin. Exfoliating works by increasing the rate at which dead skin cells shed from the surface of the skin. Making this a daily occurrence will help with blood circulation and prevent breakouts, meaning you will have glowing skin and it will also help with the ageing process. One piece of advice is to always choose a product with a natural exfoliant, as some products use plastic micro-beads which are bad for you and the environment.”

9. …And moisturising daily too

“This is such an important part of both men and women’s beauty routines as it will make your face look and feel younger, you will have softer, more elastic skin and it will keep your skin hydrated. Just make sure to get some help in picking a moisturiser that is right for your skin type as this will make a huge difference and also try and choose one with an SPF to ensure sun protection too.”

10. Staying hydrated

“Finally, I’m going to make sure I drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. In this fast-paced environment and with the hot climate it is especially important to keep hydrated at all times. There are also so many beauty benefits - just read any supermodel’s beauty advice - they all say they drink lots of water. It has also been said that sometimes when you feel hungry you might just be dehydrated. Listen to your body: Before having a snack always drink a glass of water and see if the feeling of hunger fades.” 


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