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15 beauty hacks for the busiest women

We know how busy your lives can be as you juggle between work, school runs and everyday chores so we’ve curated 15 of our favourite fast and easy beauty tips that will have you looking fabulous, glamorous and ready to get out the door quicker than ever!

Sonam Basantani
16 Mar 2016 | 09:34 am
  • Bobbi Brown Longwear Gel Liner in Black Ink, Dh140.


1 Blink and you’re done

Curl and line your lashes at the same time. Use a gel liner and apply it to the edge of the lash curler where it would touch your lid. While you press down to curl lashes, the gel liner on the edge will instantly line your lid.

2 All in one


Mikyajy DD Foundation, Dh39

Instead of worrying about the fuss of applying multiple products like SPF, moisturiser and layers of cover, opt for Mikyajy’s DD foundation. The innovative cooling formula that protects from harmful rays with an SPF20 and gives you a matte velvety finish for seamless, natural looking skin in seconds.

3 Powder power


Baby powder isn’t just for your baby anymore! If you’re short on time for a hair wash, sprinkle some baby powder on the second layer of your hair and rub it in – the powder soaks up all the oil and acts like a dry shampoo but without the chemicals and high price tag. If you’re a brunette or darker, the powder will be obvious on your hair so make sure you do this the night before – it gives the powder enough time to soak up all the oils and disappear into your hair.

4 Purrrfect


Want to get the perfect cat eye? Whether it’s a smoky eye or winged liner, use a business card to create the foolproof finish. Hold it to the edge of your eye and use it as a guide to create the perfect flick.

5 Shower shortcut


Sometimes powder and dry shampoo isn’t enough to save a bad hair day and you have no choice but to wash it, but here’s a quick cheat. Tie up your hair in a low bun and put a shower cap only on that section of the hair. Wash the rest up until the crown, especially your fringe to freshen up the obvious hair line and top hair layer.

6 Peppermint pout


Get fuller pouts without the fillers with this one effective and all-natural ingredient. Get peppermint oil and mix it up with your lipgloss. It plumps up the pout in seconds.

7 Brush work


Even though baby hairs have made a massive comeback, the fly-aways can really ruin a chic hairstyle so here’s what to do... Get a toothbrush that you don’t use and spray it with hairspray. Gently brush down the fly-aways and they’ll stay in place.

8 Done to a T


Have a lot of thick long hair that takes ages to dry? Here’s what to do – instead of using a towel to dry it, use a cotton T-shirt. It soaks up twice the amount of water so your hair is drier faster and it doesn’t cause frizziness like a terry cloth towel would.

9 Maths can solve your contour and highlight problems!


Kat Von D Shade+Light Contour Palette, Dh220, Sephora

To contour, draw a 3 shape starting at your temple, going through the hollows of your cheek and along the jawline. To highlight, create a reverse 3 starting from above your eyebrow, going inwards along the side of your nose on the cheek bone and just below the hollows of the cheek (where the contour would be).

10 Twice as nice


Make your blow-dry last longer by tying it up into a looped bun on day 2. Use a couple of bobby pins to secure in place. On the third day, open it up and add a little spray through the ends to keep the waves or curls in place.

11 Paying lip service


Keep up with the SS16 matte lip seen at Jeremy Scott, Marchesa and Celine runways with this simple and easy trick. You don’t have to spend tons of dirhams to buy yourself liquid lipstick. Use your favourite lipstick and give it a matte finish by gently pressing 1 ply of a tissue to your lips and use a brush dipped in translucent powder and go over it. Not only does the powder help mattify your lipstick, it helps last longer too.

12 Lashings of lashes


Long lush lashes were seen at backstage at Alberta Ferretti and Marni this SS16, get the fuller look with falsies or ‒ better yet – use a tiny bit of baby powder on your lashes before applying mascara. For the second coat, lay your lashes on a business card and brush with mascara; this will make them look long and spidery, as seen backstage at Giles.

13 Advice on tap


Bet you didn’t know that rinsing your hair with tap water before going for a swim can stop it from having any salt water or chlorine damage. The tap water absorbs right into your locks and doesn’t allow other liquids to permeate through. For added TLC apply a leave-in conditioner to help nourish it even further.

14 Paper tricks

Oily skin can be so annoying and you can’t always be lucky enough to have blotting paper to hand so just use the next best thing – toilet paper. Pat it on oily areas and see it soak up the excess oils so all you’re left with is gorgeous matte skin.

15 A grey area


Nothing’s worse than realising your roots are starting to show. Want a quick and easy way to conceal them? All you need is a pigmented eyeshadow that is close to or matches your roots, and some hairspray. Apply the colour wherever needed using a thick concealer brush and use a bit of hairspray to keep it in place.

Sonam Basantani

By Sonam Basantani