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Beauty notes

Makeup maven Sonam Basantani shares her tips and tricks

Sonam Basantani
26 Jun 2016 | 11:05 am
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3 beauty hacks to try

1 Fuller lips

Before you apply your colour, plump up your lips with a quick slick of cinnamon. Patch-test it first to check if you have any allergies, but a slight stinging sensation is normal. Just a tiny amount does wonders for a perfect pout! Selfie faces at the ready ladies…

2 Summer-proofed hair


Heading off on your holiday? Not only should you be applying an SPF mist like Nuxe’s Sun Hair Milky Oil daily to protect your hair from UV rays, but if you wet your hair before you venture outdoors, you can save it from chlorine and salt-water damage too. Once the water is absorbed by your hair, it acts like a barrier to any chemicals and salt.

3 Expert contours

Makeup guru and blogger Huda Beauty has posted a must-watch video to create sharp contours using tape. Before applying it to your face, you need to stick it to the back of your hand to get rid of any excess glue, so it won’t tug at your facial skin. Apply a piece of around 7.5cm in the hollows of the cheek to create a contour; or about 2.5cm at the corner of your eyes to get the perfect cat-eye flick. For more, follow huda on Instagram (@hudabeauty).

This month I tried...

Shiseido Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask, Dh221, Paris Gallery


I am usually really picky when it comes to beauty products because everything seems to make my skin react. So I was a bit nervous trying yet another sleeping mask and perhaps waking up to a serious breakout, but there was none of that with this mask. It’s a lightweight, gel formula and it’s packed with moisturising vitamin E and C capsules. My skin looked plump and had a gorgeous glow by morning.

Urban Decay One & Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector, Dh182, Sephora


I couldn’t feel this product at all, as it is so incredibly light – but I could see the brilliant results! It gives a very natural medium coverage and is similar to a tinted moisturizer – a good colour without being too dewy. This has already become a staple in my makeup bag and will be travelling with me this summer.

Ancient wisdom


Lancôme’s Énergie De Vie range combats the skin stresses of modern life. Inspired by ancient Chinese rituals, the new-gen formula gives you a shot of antioxidants and is ideal for all ages and skin types. A trio of products – Pearly Lotion, LiquidCare and Sleeping Mask – build healthy skin and fight free radicals. From Dh234, Paris Gallery

Major calorie burn

Whole Body Cryotherapy from Dh2,500 (10 sessions), CRYO Health


The Cryo Whole Body booth promises to burn off around 800 calories in three minutes. Buy a package and get one free session at any of its six locations. The quick -140°C freeze boosts your metabolism, helps aching muscles and inflammation and gives you a serious dose of energy. While you’re there, save your skin from sun damage and humidity-induced breakouts with a 15-minute Glow facial (Dh325). See for more.

Sonam Basantani

By Sonam Basantani