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Show your locks some love

The LBDs are coming out, stilettos are being strapped on, and nails are being polished to perfection. It’s the month of love... So whether you’re off to a glitzy restaurant or a cool cocktail bar, make these hot hairstyles your ultimate date-night accessory

18 Feb 2015 | 03:44 pm
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  • Kérastase Densifique Bain Densite, Dh120.

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  • Nashi Argan Spray, Dh110.

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  • Kérastase Elixir Ultime Crème Fine, Dh175.

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  • Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair, Dh90.

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  • Kevin Murphy Session Spray, Dh120.

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  • L’Oréal Professionnel’s Tecni Art Fresh Dust, Dh66.

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  • Kérastase Lacque Noire, Dh125.

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Riding the wave

Seen on Emma Stone at the London premiere of Spider Man 2, Maria Dowling, creative director at the Maria Dowling Salon, reveals how you can make waves like Emma

1 Wash your hair with a shampoo that creates body (we love the Kérastase Densifique Bain Densite, Dh120) and then use a moisturising conditioner to smoothe your locks.

2 Apply mousse at the roots to add volume, a little serum (like the Nashi Argan Spray, Dh110) on the mid lengths and ends to make hair silky, and create a side parting, before applying a heat protector such as Kérastase’s Ciment Thermique, Dh145.

3 Blow-dry the hair, giving lift to the roots and fringe area. Kérastase Elixir Ultime Crème Fine (Dh175) is perfect for this as it adds volume and gives great shine without stiffening your hair or making it greasy.

4 When your hair is dry, divide the top and bottom and section off each area with sectioning clips.

5 Starting underneath, take a Maria Dowling Styling Wand (Dh375) and wrap hair away from the face to create soft curls. Do the same on the top section of hair. Tip your head upside down and gently brush through with a paddle brush, keeping the hair together. After this, catch the hair in your hands – almost as if you are making a ponytail – and run your hands down the hair. Hold the ends and bounce the wave back up and apply a little serum to smoothe any flyaway hair.

Style note

“If you have flyaways at your parting, spray a little hairspray on a comb and rub the flat side of it over the hair.”

The party pony

Seen on Kate Bosworth at the Hammer Museum’s 12th Annual Gala in the Garden in Los Angeles, get the perfect party pony in four steps with these tips from Cat Hawkes, artistic director at Marquee Salon

1 Brush your hair thoroughly from the roots through to the ends, then spray dry shampoo throughout it to create some volume. I love Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair (Dh90).

2 Using a teasing brush or comb, start at the top of the hairline and gently backcomb towards the crown.

3 Next, using a smoothing brush, gather the hair into a ponytail, settling down the backcombed top but not scraping it flat. Then secure it with a band.

4 Take a small piece of hair from the underneath of the ponytail and wrap it around the band. Secure underneath with a bobby pin and spritz using a hairspray like Kevin Murphy Session Spray (Dh120).

Style note

“This look takes minimal time and effort – you can turn a bad hair day around in less than five minutes and you can dress it up or down to suit 
your look.”

Bun fun

Seen on Kate Upton at the premiere of The Other Woman in London. Nino Yammine, artistic director at JetSet Salon, shares his secrets on taking a classic bun and adding a modern twist

1 First of all, make sure your hair is clean and dry. (Try to wash your hair the day before as it will be more manageable). If your locks are still super soft, add some texture with a dry shampoo (such as L’Oréal Professionnel’s Tecni Art Fresh Dust, Dh66) to create an easier base to work with.

2 Use a curling iron to style your hair with loose waves through to the ends.

3 Next, put your hair up in a ponytail. Do not include the fringe or front sections of the hair, and tie it well but not too tight.

4 Form a loose bun and keep it in place using pins. Use just enough pins to hold the bun securely.

5 To get that cool quiff, backcomb your fringe or front section of hair, then brush it to the desired side and spritz a fixing spray like Kérastase Lacque Noire (Dh125), before pinning the section back.

Style note

“This look combines both style and elegance – it’s a graceful up-do but the high fringe gives a cool edge for a fresh, date-night look.”

Braided tales

Seen on Eva Longoria at the Cannes Film Festival, Jehnna Mahoney, creative stylist at SLaM Salon and freelance editorial hair stylist, tells us how to perfect this season’s prettiest plait

1 Begin by prepping your hair while it’s wet with a volumising or thickening lotion like Kevin Murphy Full Again, (Dh120). Work the product through your hair, scalp to ends, then blow-dry using a vent brush to help add volume without making the hair too smooth.

2 Once hair is dry, use a curling wand to curl diagonal sections away from the face. Pay more attention to the front sections as most of the length will be going into the braid. After hair is loosely curled, tousle with fingers or comb through with wide-tooth comb. For added volume backcomb/backbrush and add a texture product, like Kevin Murphy Powder Puff (Dh120), in areas where you would like more height, texture and volume.

3 Separate hair into two sections at the nape of the neck on the side you wish your braid to sit. For a fishtail braid, take a smaller subsection of hair from the outside of the first section and cross, then combine with second section. Repeat with the second section, start with small subsection on the outside and cross then combine into the first section. 
Repeat back and forth to create the braid. Take varying sized subsections to create more texture. It’s OK if ends start to pop out – the messier the better!

4 Fasten the braid with a clear elastic band. Or you can wrap a small piece of hair around to hide the elastic and fasten with a bobby pin into the braid itself.

5 To finish the look, loosen the braid. Start at the top, by gently pulling the outside of each crossover. Continue for the length of the braid until you reach your desired look. Let the tendrils of hair and shorter layers fall free around your face for a really natural look. Secure with a medium-to-firm-hold hairspray and you’re ready for that hot date!

Style note

“This plait is perfect for an evening out – it gives the illusion of an up style whilst maintaining the softness of a down style. It’s a great look if you have a dress or outfit with a back you want to show off, but you don’t want your hair to be completely up."


By Frankie Rozwadowska

Beauty Editor