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Three quick-fix slimming treatments

The Aquarius team tries out body-shaping therapies

Sonam Basantani
23 Jul 2015 | 12:00 am
  • Rixos Royal Spa, The Palm Jumeirah.


Shrinking Violet Wrap

Dh720 per treatment, Rixos Royal Spa, The Palm Jumeirah

If there’s an easy way to get fit – I’ll take it! And this is an instant inch-loss treatment that actually works (seriously!). Here’s how it went: First I undressed and the therapist took my initial measurements, before applying the ‘magic’ fragrant oil all over my body. I was then wrapped in a special cling film and penguin-walked my way to the bed, where the therapist helped me lie down face-up and tucked me in with a heated blanket. It takes an hour for the wrap to work and in the meantime I had a nice head and foot massage. I was told the inch-loss I’d experience wouldn’t be from losing water by sweating, but that the heat would open up my pores, enabling the oil to penetrate all the way to the fat cells, drawing them up to be excreted through the lymphatic system. The results? I lost 22.5cm all over, with an impressive 4cm at my waist and 5cm on each thigh. Although the difference may not be visible to others, my jeans definitely fitted better the next day, and I felt noticeably slimmer – to optimise results it’s advised to repeat the treatment after 72 hours. – SB

Antioxidant Tea Massage

Antioxidant Tea Massage

Dh600 for 60 mins or Dh750 for 90 mins, Ahasees Spa, Grand Hyatt

Let’s face it – most of us experience bloating of some kind, whether it be from the UAE’s extreme heat or AC-induced dehydration. This treatment aims to put an end to all that, banishing the bulge from water retention.

First, I was dry-brushed to increase my circulation, then ginger, cardamom and cinnamon essential oils were rubbed into my whole body to stimulate the kidneys and help remove excess fluid. The massage itself is known as a ‘lymphatic drainage technique’, and it involves firm pressure being applied in specific areas to open up the lymphatic walls and combat any water logging. Instantly I could feel it doing me good, as if all that pesky water weight was being kneaded right out of my body! A couple of hours later I smelt beautiful and felt lighter – but that’s often the case after a good massage. However, the scales do not lie! I’d weighed myself that morning, and when I weighed myself again after the massage in the afternoon (when I’d usually have put on a bit of weight) I’d lost 1.5kg. – RH



Dh275 per session with reductions on packages. Visit for locations.

I love a good spa treatment, but can rarely find the time for them. So when I was told about a cellulite-busting three-minute treatment, I was sold. My therapist explained the treatment, telling me that I would stand in a chamber chilled to -140 degrees Celsius. This extreme chilling, they say, has many benefits – toxins are flushed out of the body, red blood cells are energised with oxygen and nutrients and more blood is pumped to the organs. The knock-ons from this are better injury recovery, boosted skin collagen, increased metabolism and weightloss. I entered the chamber excited about the effects. However, the cold was much more intense than I expected. The therapist turned the radio on and encouraged me to move. I tried – I really did! – but my skin was prickling and so nine seconds before the end I got out. I couldn’t hack it. I have never experienced cold like it but, indeed, I did feel energised. And, having experienced the intensity of the cold, I can well believe the long list of benefits. Will definitely go back for more. – LW

Sonam Basantani

By Sonam Basantani