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Treatments to turn back time

Can anti-ageing treatments really make you look younger? Three Aquarius readers find out…

28 Apr 2015 | 12:00 am
  • Turn back the clock.

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There are hundreds of treatments out there promising to make you look 10 years younger, but if you’re going to invest in one of them (and they don’t come cheap), you want to be sure it really works. We sent three Aquarius readers to test a course of four treatment sessions over the period of a month and then used skincare expert Rebecca Treston’s Visia Skin Analysis machine to map their faces and uncover what changes were actually being made. Using the latest technology and UV photography and fluorescence imaging, the machine gives you a whole new level of insight into your skin, revealing the tell-tale signs of ageing (namely widened pores, sun spots, wrinkles, irregular skin texture and redness), and we tracked the readers’ progress with a scan before and after the treatment course. So if you want to know what will pamper you to perfection and knock back the years, read on...

Jen Barton

Treatment tested: Acupuncture Facial

Jen Barton

Age: 46

Occupation: Training facilitator and artist

Children: One – aged eight

Treatment tested: Acupuncture facial at the Dubai Herbal & Treatment Centre

The process: Tiny needles are inserted into the facial tissue to increase blood circulation, stimulate collagen production and nourish, oxygenate and moisturise skin from the inside out. This helps to fill out fine lines, lift, firm and revitalise the skin to reduce the signs of ageing and create a more youthful look.

Results: Rebecca Treston, skincare expert says, “There was a 2 per cent decrease in texture and a 9 per cent decrease in enlarged pores, which would be owing to the deep exfoliation that was experienced during the initial treatment. UV spots were reduced (a 9 per cent improvement), which could be due to oxygenation of the skin, improving clarity and so allowing the Visia Skin analysis to give a true reflection of the skin. Redness was also slightly improved, which is better than I would expect as the treatment Jennifer experienced would not traditionally treat these areas of concern.”

Cost: Dh250 for one treatment, Dh1,000 for a package of five.

Contact: 04 335 1200,

Jen says “I have noticed a difference in my skin. My complexion appears to be brighter and fresher, and a few people have asked me if I have been on vacation so I must look more refreshed than usual! I was sceptical as to whether or not I’d see any results after only four treatments, so I’m quite surprised with the subtle changes I have seen. I think having an acupuncture facial once a month is something I would now consider, and I will definitely visit both Rebecca Treston and DHTC again. Participating in this trial has kick-started my new skincare regime!”

Jen Barton's pores

Pores: Before 82%; After 73%.

Jen Barton's UV spots

UV spots: Before 66%; After 57%.

Jen Barton's red areas

Red areas: Before 63%; After 57%.

Emma Vella

Treatment tested: Beauty Angel Professional & CRYO combo

Emma Vella

Age: 38

Occupation: Owner of silver keepsake company Smallprint Dubai

Children: Two – aged seven and nine

Treatment tested: Beauty Angel Professional & Cryo combo at Cryo Health

The process: The Beauty Angel works with infrared light technology in special active ranges to rejuvenate the skin and stimulate the body’s own production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. It’s gentle, there’s no downtime and it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines whilst tightening and smoothing. Combined with Cryo, the use of cold, pressurised liquid nitrogen vapours at minus-140 degrees, collagen production is boosted in the deeper layers of the skin and elasticity is increased.

Results: “As Emma has only had four sessions of Cryotherapy, the skin looks slightly fresher, but the full result is not apparent,” says Rebecca. “The Visia showed a slight improvement in Emma’s skin, however most of this was not visible to the human eye. Cryotherapy is a resurfacing technology therefore this would reflect the improvement in wrinkles (5 per cent), texture (7 per cent) and overall appearance.”

Cost: Dh550 for one single combo, Dh2,625 for a package of five.

Contact: 04 351 8300,

Emma says “My skin definitely feels fresher and clearer after my treatments. The cold air also made my skin tighter, although the feeling only really lasted a day. The treatment itself was relaxing and I enjoyed the whole process – I even nodded off! I don’t often have facials, maybe just one or two per year, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I’m still a firm believer in the sleeping, eating healthily, exercise, water, no-smoking rule!”

Emma Vella's wrinkles

Wrinkles: Before 76%; After 71%.

Emma Vella's textures

Textures: Before 89%; After 82%.

Emma Vella's brown spots

Brown spots: Before 51%; After 39%.

Bronwyn Byrnes

Treatment tested: Spectra VRM Laser

Bronwyn Byrnes

Age: 42

Occupation: Stand-up comedienne, MC and actress

Children: none

Treatment tested: Spectra VRM Laser with Rebecca Treston at Euromed

The process: The Spectra Laser is a powerful yet gentle laser treatment that uses a unique two-step thermal rejuvenation process to help with enlarged pores, scarring and wrinkles. The first laser penetrates deep into the dermis and stimulates cell generation whilst exfoliating the outermost layer of the skin, and the second layer causes an explosion of fine carbon particles, which helps shrink pores, reduce sebum production and stimulates collagen production.

Results: “Bronwyn had a combination treatment of Spectra Laser and Mandelic acid peels,” says Rebecca. “There was a 21 per cent improvement in the brown-spot count, 
11 per cent in general; however the UV spot difference was substantial – a massive 56 per cent! This is due to Spectra targeting UV spots, which shatters the pigment in the skin over time and is eliminated via the body’s metabolism. As the final Mandelic peel was carried out immediately prior to the Visia analysis pore, wrinkle and skin texture did not show an improvement; however, significant results will show in the coming week.”

Cost: Dh800 for one treatment.

Contact: 04 394 5422,

Bronwyn says “My skin is visibly different, it’s much clearer and the marks and pigmentation have definitely diminished. Even without make-up my friends have been saying I look fresh-faced and radiant! It felt so good to sit with someone honest and experienced in regards to skin treatments, which were always finished with a beautiful calming face mask. I am very pleased with what was achieved in the time frame and didn’t expect a noticeable difference. I definitely intend to do Spectra again and highly recommend Euromed for its knowledge and client care.”

Bronwyn Byrnes's UV spots

UV spot: Before 38%; After -18%.

Bronwyn Byrnes's brown spots

Brown spots: Before 60%; After 39%.

Bronwyn Byrnes's red areas

Red areas: Before 69%; After 50%.


By Frankie Rozwadowska