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Beatrice Delahaie’s villa in Jumeirah 2

Beatrice Delahaie, Middle East general manager of French beauty brand Nuxe, fills her Jumeirah 2 villa with soft pastel colours, beautiful flowers and beachy influences from her childhood in the French Caribbean

Tabitha Barda
25 Oct 2015 | 04:00 pm
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  • I fell in love with the colour harmony in this painting, Rire d’Enfant, by artist Vincent Lithgow.

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  • This Bernardaud Galerie Royale blue teapot reminds me of the crazy ‘very merry unbirthday’ of the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland.

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  • This rocking chair from Martinique, a gift from my parents, is my favourite piece of furniture by far.

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  • I love the peaceful ambience of the master bedroom. The marriage of blue and grey is very soothing.

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  • The starting point for the entire house was the light grey solid wood floor. It’s the perfect neutral canvas to introduce all shades of blue.

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  • I use my Tsé Tsé vase d’Avril to display freshly cut flowers, which I am now planning to grow in my new garden when the weather cools.

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  • Beatrice Delahaie.

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I might have been in this villa for only three months, but I have been dreaming about it for over a year. I imagined a cosy and serene white house with a small garden, where every piece of furniture would be in harmony with my design style: soft colours, lots of pure light, with nature everywhere. When I found this villa, it was love at first sight, and totally matched my dreams. I just had to transform into reality the wish list I’d already drawn up. The process was so easy that after just three months it already looks like I’ve have been living here for many years.

I’m obsessed with modern Scandinavian interiors. I love the perfect balance between elegance, softness and comfort. I believe very much in the vibrations of a house and amid Dubai’s crazy speed of life, I wanted my home to be a peaceful and relaxing shelter.

Ever since I was a child I have collected beautiful pictures of fashion and design from magazines. Being raised in the French Caribbean I was very influenced by beautiful sea landscapes, and ravishing colonial villas where nature, authenticity and modernism were perfectly balanced. Blue, in all its shades, is without doubt my favourite colour. 

I love purity and nature but I’m also influenced by the joyful and welcoming French art de vivre. I believe that elegance comes from simplicity. My fashion and design style is very casual chic. Elegance should be comfortable. Good quality basics will make an outstanding piece or design classic stand out. I apply the same rule to both my fashion and interior design choices.

Pinterest is a wonderful source of interiors inspiration. Being French I love the magazines Marie Claire Maison and Elle Decoration, and I also closely follow the Instagram accounts of many Scandinavian interior designers; my favourites are @Immyandindi @DesignbyMadde @Jorunn_LS @Skrinetmitt and @Anjawillemsen. 

One of the privileges of living in Dubai is the presence of wonderful artisans who are able to produce all of your home-design dreams. I have been very ably helped in this by Mr Kumar from Al Hassai Technical Works. 
His team created my dream banquette on the terrace from nothing. I have also fallen in love with the Scandinavian designers selection at D-tales on Jumeirah Beach Road, and I go to Comptoir 102 for its selection of the best trendy French home design brands such as Tsé Tsé, Caravane ( I am obsessed with linen bed clothes) and Le Deun’s stunning LED lamps. And my luxury fix is to purchase pastel flowers to make the best of my Tsé Tsé vase d’Avril.
I’ve found the best choice at Bliss, which has the most stunning arrangements and orchids.

I believe the interior design of a home is in constant evolution to always match the emotion of its owners. The secret is to keep a neutral base to enable you to play easily with changes of colour and to give space to new stand-out pieces. A house should always reflect the personality of its owners. The home is, in a way, part of the family.

Tabitha Barda

By Tabitha Barda

Deputy Editor