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Date night style challenge: his & hers

How would your partner dress you for a date night, or vice versa? We gave three readers and their husbands each the chance to pick their perfect couple outfits – with amazing results

Danielle Elmes-Hughes
9 Feb 2016 | 12:08 pm
  • Her: Dress, Dh790, Debut at Debenhams; Heels, Dh195, Zara; Earrings, Dh59, H&M. Him: Jacket, Dh599, T-shirt, Dh79, Boots, Dh449, H&M; Jeans, Dh350, River Island.

    Source:Aiza Castillo-Domingo/ANM

Sarah and Matthew Langbridge

Sarah, 34, is a stay-at-home mum to Monroe, three, and Scarlet, who tells us she’s “almost two!”, Matt, 38, is a musician and teacher. Both Australian, they met in London at Hillsong Church, “He played and I worshipped. Thank you Hillsong London!” says Sarah. They moved to Dubai eight years ago.

Matt’s picks

“Sarah has a killer body, so I like to see her show it off a little. I prefer seeing her in modern, funky outfits like the
one I chose. I also love seeing her hair up, as she has a sublimely beautiful décolletage.

“When it comes to dressing myself, I’m a fan of the grungy, well-fitted, indie-rock styles worn with tailored shirts. It’s nice to wear a leather jacket again; in London I had several and it reminds me of a time when Sarah and I met and fell in love.”


Sarah: Dress, Dh2,150, Phase Eight at Debenhams; Heels, Dh145, New Look; Earrings, Dh69, H&M.

Matthew: Jumper, Dh195, Zara; Jeans, Dh195, Zara; Brogues, Dh249, H&M.

Sarah’s picks

“Any colour suits Matthew. I like to see his body shape, so I chose a tight soft knit jumper and deep blue jeans.

“For my own outfit, I love being feminine in anything that’s not practical on an evening out with handsome husband (after wearing the opposite with my little ones!). This dress is perfect for that!”


Nancy and David Ray

Nancy, 56, spends her time volunteering with charity groups close to her heart, while David, 69, is a pilot. Originally both from Denver, Colorado, they met on a blind date in Washington DC.
David was in the Marine Corps and Nancy says he swept her off her feet. They have been living in Dubai for eight years.

Nancy: Dress, Dh2,065, Ted Baker; Heels, Dh150, Iconic Jewellery; Nancy’s own

David: Shirt, Dh195, Zara; Trousers, Dh250, Banana Republic; Loafers, Dh195, Zara.

Nancy’s picks

“I love David in a crisp white shirt; it’s classic yet always current.

“As for my outfit, I’m a girly-girl and on date nights I like to dress up and feel pretty, and this dress definitely makes me feel that!”


Nancy: Jacket, Dh500, Phase Eight at Debenhams; Vest, Dh159, Mango; Trousers, Dh995, Ted Baker; Heels, Dh250, Debut at Debenhams; Jewellery, Nancy’s own.

David: Jacket, Dh270, Iconic; Shirt Dh195, Zara; Jeans, Dh295, Banana Republic; Shoes, Dh550, Banana Republic.

David’s picks

“Nancy looks great to me in anything silky and flowing. I love the way this top shows off her décolletage. The rest of the outfit fell into place around this beautiful top – I knew it would look great on her.

“For my outfit, I like to dress quite casual so jeans always appeal and I know Nancy loves a white shirt on me!”


Jennifer and Paul McGarrigle

Jennifer, 37, is the owner of events company Exquisite Events and Paul, 38, is a strategic account sales manager. Both Irish, they met in 2007. Paul says, “Jennifer spotted and approached me at a John Mayer concert in Dubai and obviously she was mesmerised immediately! We married on the beach at Jumeirah Beach Hotel a year later.” They have both lived in Dubai for more than 12 years and have settled in Jebel Ali with their little girl, Holly, aged six.

Jennifer: Dress, Dh479, River Island; Heels, Dh145, New Look; Clutch, Dh450, Coast at Debenhams; Earrings, Dh89, Mango.

Paul: Jacket, Dh455, Zara; Shirt, Dh195, Zara; Trousers, Dh195, Zara; Boots, Dh100, H&M.

Paul’s picks

“Jen has some lovely clothes, but tends to choose simple black quite often in spite of the fact she looks great in colour. So, I went for something she would never have chosen – green and sparkling!

“As for my look, I thought I would try to create a combination of business and smart casual.”


Jennifer: Top, Dh525, Coast at Debenhams; Skirt, Dh900, Coast at Debenhams; Heels, Dh180, Iconic; Clutch, Dh550, Ted Baker; Jewellery, Jennifer’s own.

Paul: Jacket, Dh499, H&M; Shirt, Dh149, H&M; Trousers, Dh195, Zara; Shoes, Dh195, H&M.

Jennifer’s picks

“I like to see Paul in colour – red shades right through to pale pink really suit him – but he so rarely wears it. I also wanted to see him in a more casual jacket and shirt as he tends to think quite practically and only buys for work.

“As for my outfit, I love a long tutu skirt like this one. It’s so girly and pretty that I just couldn’t resist it!”

Danielle Elmes-Hughes

Danielle Elmes-Hughes