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Date night styles challenge

We invited three Aquarius couples to style their other half for date night. There were some stylishly surprising results...

By Danielle Elmes-Hughes
11 Feb 2015 | 12:00 am
  • Left: Kerrie's choice; Right: Ian's choice

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  • Left: Alison's choice; Right: Scott's choice.

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  • Left: Jess's choice; Right: Iain's choice.

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Kerrie and Ian Low

Kerrie, 41, is an on-site coordinator for events and training, and husband Ian, 44, is an operations manager in oil and gas. Originally from the UK, they met while attending an adventure training course in the Highlands of Scotland in 1993. Ian offered Kerrie his jacket on a freezing mountain hike and, as they say, the rest is history. They have been in Dubai for four years, live in the Springs and are parents to Murray, 11.

Kerrie’s choice

Kerrie: Jacket Dh359, Mango Top Dh199, Koton Skirt Dh99, Koton Heels Dh350, Zara, Earrings Dh79, Banana Republic.

Ian: Jacket Dh585, Mango Shirt Dh175, Mango Jeans Dh235, Mango Shoes Dh550, Banana Republic.

Kerrie: ‘I spend a lot of my time in sports clothes and no make-up, so when I get dressed to go out I want to feel different. I like the classic shape but funky print of this skirt and I love these statement colour-pop heels! For Ian’s outfit I chose slimmer-fit jeans, which I feel really suit him, and I know he likes to wear a jacket – this one was a really good colour on him.’

Ian: ‘I wasn’t sure about the trousers Kerrie chose for me as they were skinnier than the style I normally wear. But once I got the whole outfit on I was pleased with it and really liked the different blues, even the blue suede shoes! I’m sure she will be dragging me around the shops to buy more similar outfits soon...’

Ian’s choice

Ian: Shirt Dh195, Zara Trousers Dh195, Zara Shoes Dh550, Banana Republic.

Kerrie: Dress Dh1,895, Reiss Clutch Dh495, Reiss Earrings Dh39, Koton.

Ian: ‘The outfit I chose for myself was based on trying a colour I wouldn’t normally wear and I loved the strong collar with contrasting pattern on this shirt. I chose the long black dress for Kerrie as I wanted her to have the opportunity to feel special and I know she hates her legs! I went for a simple, classic look as I don’t like too much going on (Kerrie likes to have a lot going on whatever she does!).’

Kerrie: ‘When I first saw what Ian chose for me I thought, “Oh, very safe,” but when I put it on, it felt amazing and definitely suited my shape more than I thought it would. The feather bag and long earrings gave it a funky edge, which surprised me as Ian tends to choose more classic styles.’

Alison Stockton and Scott Wellcome

Alison, 39, is a personal trainer and her fiancé Scott, 42, is a commodity trader. Originally both from the UK, they met two years ago on the Isle of Man. Scott watched Alison training clients and then one day turned up at her friend’s boxing classes; Alison’s friend told her she had met the perfect guy for her and they soon got chatting. Scott moved to Dubai 18 months ago and Alison followed nine months later. They got engaged last August, when Scott popped the question at Pierchic restaurant in Al Qasr. They plan to marry this summer in Croatia.

Alison’s choice

Alison: Top Dh155, Mango Skirt Dh850, Topshop Heels Dh395, Topshop Earrings Dh95, Freedom at Topshop.

Scott: Shirt Dh450, Reiss Trousers Dh125, New Look Shoes Dh595, Banana Republic.

Alison: ‘I chose this vibrant, sequinned outfit for me because it was a bit quirky and not something I’d usually go for. I love the Sarah Jessica Parker Sex In The City style of it. Scott, however, is very conservative with fashion – slowly, very slowly, I’m changing that. I loved the brighter colour and fit of the trousers I chose for him, and they matched well with the shoes and smart fit of the crisp, clean shirt.’

Scott: ‘When I saw the clothes on display l had a hunch Alison would pick the burgundy trousers for me, although maybe not the white shirt; I don’t think I suit the colour or the style, and so would never have chosen it myself. However, Alison felt I looked nice in it and the more I wore it, the more comfortable l felt.’

Scott’s choice

Alison: Top Dh275, Topshop Trousers Dh295, Zara Heels Dh179, Koton Necklace Dh75, Mango.

Scott: Jacket Dh590, Thomas Nash at Debenhams T-shirt Dh75, Zara Jeans Dh235, Mango Boots Dh465, Mango.

Scott: ‘I chose my outfit because if I bother to go shopping – which I avoid like the plague! – I’m usually very conservative. I liked the style of the clothes and the cut, but more importantly I knew my fiancée would like me in this outfit. For Alison, I liked the style and colouring of the top and initially l wanted to match it with a leather skirt, as Alison has great legs. But when she tried on the trousers she just looked amazing and they still show off her fabulous figure perfectly!’

Alison: ‘I loved the outfit Scott chose for me; it was really easy to wear as I love simple glamour. Considering he’s never chosen (or should I say been allowed) to dress me before, the boy did good!’

Jess and Iain Micallef

Jess, 25, is a stay-at-home mum from Canada. Her husband Iain, 36, who’s from Malta, is a regional HR manager for a global manufacturing organisation. They met four years ago in Waxy O’Connors after a friend of Jess introduced them. It was love at first sight and they married two years ago. They have both been in Dubai for eight years, live in Al Furjan and are parents to Noah, 15 months.

Jess’s choice

Jess: Dress Dh295, Zara Shoes Dh490, Faith at Debenhams Necklace Dh95, Zara.

Iain: Jacket Dh495, Mango T-shirt Dh75, Zara Trousers Dh295, Banana Republic Shoes Dh550, Banana Republic.

Jess: ‘I chose the leather dress as it’s not like anything I have in my wardrobe, so it was fun to dress up in something completely different. Iain usually likes to dress casually, but I like to see him in a smart jacket – I picked this outfit for him as a good compromise between the two.’

Iain: ‘I think the outfit Jess chose for me was a bit too preppy – it’s not something I’d have chosen myself.’

Iain’s choice

Jess: Dress Dh599, Scotch & Soda Heels Dh395, Topshop Bag Dh399, Scotch & Soda.

Iain: Jacket Dh1,995, Banana Republic Top Dh350, Reiss Jeans Dh325, Banana Republic Boots Dh159, New Look.

Iain: ‘I chose this outfit because it was something completely different from anything I’ve ever worn before and I wanted to surprise Jess with the unexpected! I clearly need to experiment more as I (and Jess) really liked it! I picked the dress for Jess to show off her gorgeous figure and legs. As new parents we don’t get to go out too much together these days, so it was nice to see her all dressed up – it took me back to when we first started dating.’

Jess: ‘I loved the outfit Iain chose for me. I would definitely wear it; the dress was very comfortable and fitted me really well. The only thing I would probably change is the shoes as they aren’t really my style.’

By Danielle Elmes-Hughes

By Danielle Elmes-Hughes

Fashion and Beauty Director