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You asked, we answered – Aquarius fashion and beauty director Danielle Elmes-Hughes solves your most difficult style conundrums

By Danielle Elmes-Hughes
9 Feb 2015 | 02:17 pm
  • Dh129, Koton; Dh615, Ted Baker; Dh229, Promod; Dh695, Bebe.


A breezy way to cover my upper arms

Q I hate my upper arms and covering them with cardigans and jackets not only looks wrong but leaves me very hot in the summer months!

A Lightweight kaftans and kimono-style jackets in chic prints are on-trend right now: we love the Lady Mauve designs at but there are a lot of high-street options too. Loose-sleeved dresses and batwing-style tops in silky fabrics are also a great option to keep you stylishly cool and covered.

Boots to fit my wide calves

Q Finding boots that will fit my wide calves is a mission. Do I have to go down the catalogue/mail-order route or are there high-street options?

A Yes! The new made-to-order 50/50 knee-length boots at Stuart Weitzman are half stretch material and half leather, available in narrow, medium or wide. They are a little expensive but the luxury quality will last you for years to come. For a more affordable option go for a stretch pull-on style that right now can be found at New Look, H&M, Shoe Mart and Call It Spring. For mail order will serve all your needs for wider and narrower calf widths in an array of styles. It’s a European site that unfortunately doesn’t yet deliver to the UAE, but if you have family or friends who can post the boots on to you, it will be well worth it!


Dh799, H&M; Dh2,370, Gerard Darel; Dh3,190, Stuart Weitzman; Dh189, Shoe Mart.

I’m jacket jinxed!

Q I am a regular size 10 yet I am still unable to find a tailored jacket that doesn’t make me look like a child in adult clothes. It is a mystery and I am at a loss.

A Although you might be a regular size you possibly have narrow shoulders and arms and this could be why jackets and blazers you are trying don’t look right. Try a petite range (Debenhams has a few brands on offer) for size and look out for more cropped, fitted styles in the regular ranges. Failing that you could try a really good tailor. Our personal favourite is Cliff Tailors in Satwa (04 349 2774).


Dh350, Lipsy; Dh180, Iconic; Dh1,365, Ted Baker; Dh550, Roland Mouret at Banana Republic.

Torso tips

Q I have a long body, which makes my legs look short. What type of casual clothes should I wear?

A Choose styles that will visually cut off the length of your torso. Tops that cinch at the waist and high-waisted bottoms can give an illusion of a shorter torso, or simply wear a wide waist belt with your top or dress.


Dh695, Bebe; Dh935, Ted Baker; Dh275, C Wonder; Dh239, Un Deux Trois.

Tummy trouble trickery

Q I have what I believe they call a ‘pouch’ after having my two gorgeous children. Exercise isn’t helping and I desperately want to look like a yummy mummy – what can I wear to disguise it?

A Look out for waist-tie blouse-style dresses that will still give you shape while hiding your tummy. Another option would be the very popular peplum tops that will skim over a lower ‘pouch’ and still show off an upper waist. Layering loose tops with cleaver prints and vertical lines under 
a waterfall jacket will also disguise a tummy.


Red top, Dh195, Zara; Peplum top, Dh685, Ted Baker; Waterfall jacket, Dh695, Zara; Print dress, Dh169, Promod.

Style slimming secrets

Q I ate one too many mince pies and turkey sandwiches over the festive period and am still feeling the cuddly consequences now. How can I hide the bulge?

A There are plenty of ways to camouflage what the gym hasn’t taken care of yet. Try going for a colour you know you look good in (it doesn’t have to be black!) and wear it from head to toe. Also look out for slimming prints that draw the eye downward and vertically rather than horizontally. Go for a skimming fit rather than too tight (highlighting bulges) or baggy (adding extra kilos). Finish with the right accessories. Statement necklaces, heels cocktail rings and large bags will be the focus of your look rather than your temporary over-indulged bulges!


Dh350, Marks & Spencer; Dh295, Zara; Dh65, Shoe Mart; Dh499, Dune.

By Danielle Elmes-Hughes

By Danielle Elmes-Hughes

Fashion and Beauty Director