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How do I do animal theme?

InsideOut stylist Sarah Maisey tells us how to pull off this timeless trend

By Sarah Maisey
25 Nov 2014 | 03:45 pm
  • Plate: Dh75, Zara Home.

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  • Decor piece: Dh129, Homes R Us.

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  • Plates: Dh225 and Coasters: Dh150, C Wonder.

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  • Cushion: Dh225, C Wonder.

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  • Bowl: Dh45, Crate & Barrel.

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  • Mug: Dh89, Harvest Home.

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  • Ashtray: Dh1,995, Jashanmal.

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  • Tealight holder: Dh55, Zara Home.

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  • Decor: Dh1,990, Al Huzaifa Furnitures.

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Who says interior decorating has to be serious? Keep things light-hearted and playful by adding small touches of animal whimsy around the home. Just the right side of kitsch, creature comforts inject fun into even the most grown-up of schemes.

Get the look 

1 Animal pieces can easily become overpowering, so use sparingly, and scatter throughout your home. Add a cushion in the spare room, plus bookends and ornamental ashtrays in the living room, for a cheeky lift.

2 Tableware is the easiest way to carry out this look. Mismatch animal motif plates and serving bowls with plain white crockery, for a charming dinner party.

3 If you are feeling bold, try a single stunning centrepiece such as a wall hanging or a piece of animal art. Teamed with neutral furniture, this is an elegant way to bring a lyrical element to a room. 

By Sarah Maisey

By Sarah Maisey