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How to dress like a style blogger

Ever wondered how Dubai’s top fashionistas always get it right? We called upon Style Drifter’s Teresa Karpinska to show two of our readers how it’s done

By Lindsay Judge
9 Feb 2015 | 12:49 am
  • Jennifer, Kim and Teresa.

    Source:Russ Kientsch

Kim Crowley, 37, is a mum, personal shopper and designer from the UK and has been in Dubai for two months

Comfy couture


Dress, Dh239, Mango; Heels, Dh125, New Look; Necklace, Dh79, H&M.

Teresa says: “This look is super easy to throw on and looks premium for a fraction of the price. The woolly fabric keeps it wrinkle-free (great for Kim who spends her days with a toddler on her arm). The sleeveless design is very chic and incorporates an element of high fashion without any sacrifice on the comfort.”

Kim says: “This is really practical for running around with my daughter. An easy-to-wear outfit that I can slip on really quickly. I would also wear this dress for dinner with my girlfriends.”

Red all over


Jumper, Dh179, H&M; Skirt, Dh750, Reiss; Heels, Dh375, River Island.

Teresa says: “Kim’s stunning figure asked for a show-stopping outfit, so I chose this bold top-to-toe red ensemble. It complemented her olive skin tone brilliantly.”

Kim says: “I love the statement that wearing a full red look makes. I probably wouldn’t have put it together myself, but it works really well. I would wear this out to a club with the girls with these shoes, or I would team it with a pair of flats for a day out with my daughter.”

What Kim learnt from Teresa: “You can easily get high-street items to look high fashion if you choose the pieces carefully. teresa also taught me that less is definitely more – I love the minimalism of her style.”

Jennifer Lalu, 36, is an executive secretary from the Philippines and has been in Dubai for eight years

Mix and match


Jumper, Dh189, New Look; Skirt, Dh295, Zara; Shoes, Dh220, Next; Bag, Dh79, H&M; Bracelet, Dh50, Topshop.

Teresa says: “Lace and knits worn together are a way to intentionally mismatch structures. A favourite with bloggers internationally, the look is casual with a twist. Both sneakers and strappy sandals work as footwear.”

Jennifer says: “This isn’t an outfit I would pick as I usually opt for a shorter,knee-length skirt, but I actually feel surprisingly comfortable in it. I would wear this outfit to a dinner date with friends.”

All together now


Jumper, Dh325, Massimo Dutti; Culottes, Dh375, Topshop; Shoes, Dh169, New Look; Necklace, Dh175, Topshop.

Teresa says: “Culottes are the one item most women consider a piece that they cannot pull off. But they can be flattering. The crisp white colour makes them look premium, elongates the legs and creates a very ‘together’ look. Jennifer was surprised to see how well they fitted her and seemed to love how comfy they are.”

Jennifer says: “This is my favourite outfit. I would never have chosen this look but Teresa gave me the confidence to wear something different and it’s so comfortable and easy to wear. I would wear this all the time!”

The new body con


Dress, Dh425, River Island; Belt, Dh79, H&M; Shoes, Dh225, Next; Bag, Dh199, Mango.

Teresa says: “This is great for a dressier daytime look. The frock optically enhances the hourglass figure without being a predictable and dated bodycon style. Monochrome hues make it look urban and make a change from the pencil skirt/blouse combo normally worn in a similar scenario.” 

Jennifer says: “I don’t usually choose cream or white colours as I feel they don’t really complement my skin tone. By adding the belt Teresa made this look stylish and flattering on my body.”

 What Jennifer learnt from Teresa: “Teresa taught me not to be afraid to try new styles. Being quite short I tend to stick to short black styles, but Teresa showed me how I can wear longer-lined pieces and different colours without looking short and stumpy. Everything that she asked me to wear I wouldn’t have chosen myself but she made them look really good.”

Teresa’s top tips for looking fabulous in photos

1 Make eye contact with the camera – something I’m hopeless at, but every time I do I feel I bond with my audience and ooze confidence.

2 Stand on your tiptoes, with your legs crossed one in front of the other when wearing flat shoes. This is the only way to make your legs look longer – something that I need to be conscious of with my height of 158cm.

3 If all else fails always carry big shades around – you’ll look totally cool in any photo!


Bag, Dh119, Mango.


Top, Dh275, Massimo Dutti.


Boots, Dh595, River Island.


Leather skirt, Dh795, River Island.


Skirt, Dh195, Zara.


Heels, Dh375, Topshop.


Skirt, Dh295, Zara.

By Lindsay Judge

By Lindsay Judge