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Inside Aquarius reader's home

Lifestyle blogger Edwina Viel’s oriental-inspired Palm Jumeirah villa combines unique pieces with an emphasis on family life and luxurious textiles

By Rachael Harrison
27 Apr 2015 | 03:00 pm
  • Founder of, Edwina is the mum of four children aged six, four, two andseven-month-old baby Leonardo.

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  • The dining room has an oriental feel to it. It reflects Edwina's and her husband's love for Asia.

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  • Cupboard in Edwina's house.

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  • Painting in Edwina's house.

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  • The Andrew Martin zebra chair was a wedding gift received almost seven years ago. It's Edwina's reading/time-out chair.

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  • Accessories in Edwina's house.

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  • “Our Chinese cupboard, purchased from Exotica, hides the television unit in the living room.”

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  • “In the master bathroom, we created additional storage space for laundry and fresh towels.”

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  • Dresser.

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  • The bathroom.

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  • The kids' beds are from Pottery Barn.

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  • “We invested in an emperor-sized bed from And So to Bed. It was so all the children could come into the bed for a cuddle in the morning.”

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My husband and I have always enjoyed being close to the water. We like the outdoors, especially water sports, so the location of our home on Palm Jumeirah allows us to be outside on the beach, paddle boarding or canoeing, often. Our living room is tranquil, bright and warm, and looks out on to the sea.

We have lived in our villa for five-and-a-half years, and actually rented it before buying from the landlord. 
Last year, we started to renovate the house by changing the bathrooms and laying wooden floors. We are currently building an extension to create another room, which will be my study. I am really looking forward to that.

I would describe my style as classic contemporary with an oriental influence. My husband and I both enjoy travelling, and love looking at hotel interiors and unique architecture. We wanted to create a home that was our style, but with young children (aged six, four, two and seven months) it also had to be practical.

My life is my family, and the whole house is covered with photos of them, especially the children. Life passes so quickly, and it is really these photos that preserve the memories. I love taking photos myself, but when I find a good professional portrait photographer I am happy to invest because they can capture your children in a different light.

My favourite room in the house has to be the bathroom. We created this room with the help of our interior designer friend, Gaia Moncada. The other room I relish is the children’s room, which is shared by my three older ones. This was done deliberately because I want them to grow up with memories of being together.

We love Andrew Martin furniture and have a sofa, chair and table from his gallery on London’s Walton Street. His pieces are unique and inspiring. We also like Kelly Hoppen’s style, which is warm, simple and inviting, as well as extremely creative. I often use her books for inspiration, as well as Pinterest, Instagram and the Pottery Barn store magazine, which has lots of practical ideas.

In Dubai, we buy from Marina Home, Pottery Barn, Irony and Crate & Barrel, but we also like to buy off the beaten track too. From Jaipur With Love makes gorgeous rugs and The Linen Souk designs stunning tableware, aprons and hand towels. They can custom-make things so your home looks a bit more unique. 
There is also a great antique shop called Exotica where the owner collects pieces from all over South East Asia and China. 
In London, as well as Andrew Martin, we like Habitat, Jasper Conran and John Lewis.

I’m the kind of person who likes to take my time to find something I really want. I am currently looking for a desk for my new study, and once I have found it, it will set the tone for the rest of the room. I am looking forward to placing an order with From Jaipur With Love for my rug; you can order beautiful dhurries made in India to match your room.

By Rachael Harrison

By Rachael Harrison