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Inside Gina Pistone Serhal’s Al Furjan villa

Mum of two and founder of baking business Whipped Gina Pistone Serhal fills her three-bed Al Furjan villa with bold colour, modern lines and quirky, personalised elements

Tabitha Barda
22 Jun 2015 | 03:00 pm
  • Gina's favourite room is the kitchen. She runs her baking business from here, so it’s both an office and retreat.

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  • The shelves in the living room store books, kids’ toys, and all the miscellaneous things.

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  • Gina loves shopping on Etsy.

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  • For pillows, accessories, and kitchen equipment, Gina always goes to Crate & Barrel.

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  • The couple bought these gold domed pendant lights on a holiday in Lebanon.

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  • Gine tries to choose pieces and colours that work with everything else going on in a particular space.

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  • Gina Pistone Serhal’s Al Furjan villa.

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  • Gina Pistone Serhal’s Al Furjan villa.

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  • Gina Pistone Serhal’s Al Furjan villa.

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  • Gina Pistone Serhal’s Al Furjan villa.

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My husband and I love nothing more than to open up our home to friends and family. 
We always prefer to entertain than go out and spend a fortune, so our home was designed to accommodate that. Every space is comfortable yet modern. At the same time, our home is basically our boys’ [Mateo, four, and Anthony, one] playground, so all our furniture was chosen to be sturdy and durable!

It’s hard to put a specific title on our design style. We’ve got quite a few modern pieces of furniture with clean, bold lines, but at the same time I try to mix things up with retro fabrics and loud colours to give our home some warmth and personality, and to reflect our boisterous family of boys.

I’ve always looked to nature for inspiration in terms of texture and colour. I find the most harmonious interiors are ones fashioned with colours that are represented in the world around us – I feel these tones are the most comfortable to live with on a daily basis, and will never be off-trend.

It seems you can’t pass by a trendy restaurant these days without seeing something designed or inspired by Philippe Starck. My first big purchase in Dubai was a set of Starck Louis Ghost Chairs, which are still among my most beloved pieces in the house.

Whether I’m designing a room, or thinking up a recipe for my baking business, I like to start by browsing Pinterest for inspiration. My go-to design magazine has always been Interior Design – it’s basically the Vogue of design magazines.

At home, comfort has to be key. The most important factor of any purchasing decision we make is, ‘Is this comfy and is it worth the price tag?’ However, we think about being trendy too! Since we love entertaining, it’s important to have an interactive space with quirky pieces that make it a fun place to be in.

My affordable go-to furniture shop is West Elm. I was ecstatic when it opened in The Dubai Mall as I practically furnished my whole home in Las Vegas (where I’m from) with its pieces. I love that it repurposes beautiful old wood, and I find it adds a touch of individuality as well as warmth to our space.

The one home item I am still looking for is artwork! It’s always a dilemma. We all want beautiful, unique artwork, yet who can afford the price tag? But there’s nothing worse than something generic that everyone has on their walls either!

Tabitha Barda

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