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Inside Sima Barazi Haroun’s Al Barsha villa

Owner of accessories boutique Boom & Mellow, Sima Barazi Haroun’s Al Barsha villa exudes comfortable elegance, combining chic pieces with collectables from her travels

By Karina Sharma
25 Aug 2015 | 03:28 pm
  • Sima Barazi Haroun’s Al Barsha villa.

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  • The mother-of-pearl chest from Syria adds an oriental element to the room.

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  • This photograph Drowning in Dreams by Lebanese photographer Lara Zankoul was a 40th birthday gift from her friends.

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  • Her dog.

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  • Sima Barazi Haroun’s Al Barsha villa.

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  • Sima Barazi Haroun’s Al Barsha villa.

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  • “I bought some sculptures by Syrian sculptor Mustafa Ali with my first pay cheque 18 years ago. My favourite is the woman sitting on the couch.”

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  • She bought the three light boxes with Al Hayat, Al Amal and Al Saada – life, hope and happiness in Arabic – on them in Beirut last year.

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  • Her husband gave her this iron candle cage (by an Iranian artist) as a birthday gift.

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  • Sima Barazi Haroun.

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I think we’ve found a balance between elegant and relaxed in our home. With three kids – Leela, four, Ramzi, nine, and Karam, 13 – plus our papillon dog Max, our house has to be a casual space that we can all feel comfortable in and enjoy to the fullest.

I would describe my interiors approach as eclectic – there’s a mixture of different styles at play in my house. If I like something, even if it’s not exactly the same theme as the rest, I’ll somehow make it work.

I have been curating my art collection for the past 18 years. We’ve been in this villa for five years now and I am always adding and getting new things for the house. I definitely like change!

I love finding something special in unexpected places. When I travel, I love to walk around and discover markets and hidden shops full of secret treasures.

One interior designer I really admire is Kelly Hoppen. She is known for her East-meets-West fusion – combining clean lines and warm textures with neutral tones – to create a luxurious interior. I think you can see her influence in the design of my interiors.

When it comes to furniture, my favourite brand is Flexform. This Italian manufacturer creates timeless pieces that combine modernity with tradition in an elegant, understated fashion.

In Dubai, I buy my bigger pieces of furniture from Baituti and Aati, but for smaller pieces, the world is my furniture store! I love to explore and buy that perfect piece from different places around the world.

I get inspiration from a lot of different places. Interior magazines like Elle Decor and Architectural Digest, as well as my go-to interiors app, Houzz, are great for discovering new ideas.

My favourite room in the house is the living room. With all the light shining through, it becomes such a bright and warm space. It’s also the room I keep all my favourite art pieces in.

The only thing I can’t live without is my family. Even though I love my home and all the pieces in it are very special to me, at the end of the day, they are just objects that I can learn to live without.

I’m always looking for ways to change and enhance my home. I would love to customise a huge walk-in closet to house all my Boom & Mellow accessories, clothes and shoes!

By Karina Sharma

By Karina Sharma