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Sameera Ameer’s apartment in Palm Jumeirah

Sameera Ameer, founder of Wild Child Designz, fills her 3 bedroom Palm Jumeirah apartment with neutral tones and subtle hints of colour, keeping it playful yet peaceful

Tabitha Barda
27 Mar 2016 | 03:15 pm
  • My living room is where I entertain, dine, and relax with the kids.

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  • I love the two Kartell dining chairs with sheep skin. I always wanted these chairs and was very proud to be able to buy them myself.

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  • The piece that means the most to me is the large painting of the monks in my living room.

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  • Most of the furniture were sourced in Dubai, from stores such as Ligne Roset, Bo Concept, Marina Home, Ikea, The One, and Wild Child Designz.

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My two daughters Lana, 7 and Sasha, 5 and I have lived here for the past two years. It looked a lot like it does now even when we moved in, however it has evolved over the past couple of years - I think the longer you live in a space the more you understand how you can play around with the interiors. And as you keep adding on accessories, lighting and art the house transforms into a home. My favourite purchase for my home is the sofa that is in the family room. It’s such a well-designed piece of modular furniture; there are many ways that you can move it around. I admire aesthetically pleasing design that is also functional and durable.

I’d say my style is eclectic, feminine and modern. I have been interested and had a keen eye for interiors since I was a child. My surroundings have always had an impact on my state of mind, and I love being surrounded by beautifully and well-curated interior spaces. I remember experimenting with paint, fabrics and layouts from the time I was around eleven years old.

I do not have just one single inspiration for how I design my home, but many. There are many talented designers and artists that I admire, however I don’t think they influence the design of my home…. A home is such a personal thing and its design is often based on what we grew up with, where we come from and the places that we have travelled to.

I often find social media apps such as Pinterest and Instagram great to inspire, as well as to find out what companies and brands are most relevant at the moment. It’s always important to keep up to date with industry events and advances. Even keeping up with trade fairs around the world is also possible with Instagram. And being a working mum, this comes in handy when priorities don’t always allow you to travel.

My first objective was to create a tranquil and creative space filled with all the things that I love, and which bring peace to my home. You’ll find soft furnishings decorated with reindeer, foxes and Geishas surrounded by orchids, twinkling stars and inspirational quotes. Think ‘eclectic’ and ‘fun’ although not too ‘colourful’ or ‘kitsch’.

I love entertaining friends and family, not a day goes by without a visitor and so my home is inviting and calm. It’s important for people to feel a sense of calm when they are in my home, as this is something that appeals to me. As it’s just my daughters’ and I, my home is very feminine and child friendly. There are many designs from my brand, since my home is also my office and showroom. Clients are able to view my designs in situ and get a feel for the quality and fun that my designs add to a space.

It’s very hard to choose which room in my home is my favourite, but I would say the TV/family room. The girls and I relax there at the end of the day. We read, watch television and relax. They also get ready for school in this room.

If I had to choose one item that I’d love to have but can’t, it would probably be a hot tub/Jacuzzi on the terrace. That would be a great way to relax at the end of the day, don’t you think?!

Tabitha Barda

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