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Under the radar: The most common lingerie mistakes women make

Andrea Gissal from TKD Lingerie fills us in on the dos and don’ts of choosing your underwear

18 May 2017 | 05:15 pm


We can all agree that wearing the right underwear is essential to feeling comfortable - in every sense of phrase. The correct lingerie should flatter and support you in all the right places, but a great bra can even take years off your silhouette. Still, with the dizzying array of style slip-ups to watch out for, underwear can sometimes come bottom of the list when we're buying clothes. That’s why we spoke to Andrea Gissdal from TKD Lingerie, who filled us in on the all-too-common underwear mistakes which can easily be avoided…

1. The Nostalgia Knickers

Beware of the high school pants, the lucky bra, and the pre baby weight briefs. If your lingerie drawer holds memories, it is definitely time for a spring revamp. Underwear and bras lose shape, Lycra perishes, colours blur, and people change in physique. Fashion changes as well, and those low rise boy knickers might not look as great under your high-waisted flared leg trousers, as they did under your ultra-low rise jeans.

If your lingerie looked amazing and fit you perfectly 10 years ago, it most definitely doesn’t now. Get a professional bra fitting and invest in some new sets of pants!

2. “The Bummy”

There is nothing less flattering than the “bummy”. Your breasts and your tummy should be two distinct parts of your body. But failing to adjust your bra straps can let them down, even if you do have the right size bra. The straps should be firm and flat on your shoulders without digging into your skin, holding your bra in place.

3. Quad Boob

Chest sizes can change with age, exercise, weight change, hormonal fluctuations, and a myriad of other reasons. It is possible that a bra that once fit you perfectly, suddenly doesn’t. Whatever the reason, you must always watch out for the “quad boob”. The expression refers to when your cup size is too small to support you completely, and it spills over the cup, creating an extra bulge. The best way to find out if you have a quad boob, it is to turn your side to the mirror whilst wearing your bra. If there is an extra bulge, change your bra.

4. Back Band Riding High

This is unsightly in your cute low back tops and dresses, and bad for your poor shoulders. If your back band is pulling up to your shoulder blades instead of sitting horizontally across your body, it means it is too big. And if you get no support from your back band, your shoulders end up doing all the heavy lifting. The solution: decrease your back band size and increase your cup size.

5. Camel Toe

Allegedly, there is a camel toe trend sweeping the internet. Special underwear is available to order that will give you that extra camel toe definition, and we are not buying it. There are two preventative measures: Avoid underwear that have a seam straight down the front to the gusset, and make sure your trousers fit without pinching at the crotch.

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