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48 hours in Prague

Have your camera at the ready because Gothic beauty abounds in this magical metropolis

Catherine Langley
28 Apr 2013 | 08:33 pm
  • The city of Prague is famed for its blend of old- and new-world charm.

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  • The Old Town Square in Prague

    The Old Town Square in Prague is always buzzing with activity, from musicians to market stalls.

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  • Prague

    The architecture and the horse-drawn carriages lend themselves well to the Old Town Square.

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  • The Vitava is the longest river in the Czech Republic

    The Vitava is the longest river in the Czech Republic and runs through the centre of Prague.

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  • St George's Basilica

    For a bit of history, add a visit to St George's Basilica to you itinerary when in Prague.

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  • The Augustine

    With its central location and five-star feel, The Augustine is a top place to stay in Prague.

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Why go

Prague is easily one of the most mesmerising destinations in Central Europe. Just 20-odd years ago the city emerged after the fall of the Iron Curtain, and has since become famed for its blend of old- and new-world charm, with everything from Gothic cathedrals to glitzy fashion boutiques.

Where to stay

( in the heart of the city. This five-star hotel is full of beautiful historic features, thanks to it being created from seven different buildings including the 13th-century Augustian St Thomas Monastery. But you won’t miss your mod cons as the hotel has spa, fully equipped gym and high-speed internet. The blend of old and new makes for an enjoyable experience.

What to see

Prague is tiny, so save on taxis and hit the streets on foot. But be warned: cobbled pavements are everywhere, so unless you want a sprained ankle, leave the spiked heels at home and opt for flats. Take a stroll to the Castle District, where you can visit the St Vitus Cathedral and St George’s Basilica.

Next, check out Lesser Town, where you’ll find amazing examples of historical architecture including stunning 17th-century Baroque buildings. Then make your way across Charles Bridge to Old Town, which is the medieval quarter of the city. Make sure your iPhone is fully charged because if ever there was an Instagram moment, this is it.

What to do

If you do one thing while you’re in Prague, be sure to visit the National Theatre ( A stunning neo-Renaissance building that sprung up in the 19th century, this is one of the city’s more modern landmarks, but it boasts a rich history as the theatre is credited with shaping the musical tastes of the Czech people. Showcasing opera, ballet and drama, every night of the week you’ll get a dose of culture.

Where to shop

Whether you’re looking for high street or haute couture, you’ll find it in Prague because this is a city that lives and breathes fashion. For an array of luxury boutiques, including Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior, head to Paížská Street in Old Town. If your budget won’t stretch that far, make your way to Wenceslas Square for all the old favourites such as Debenhams and H&M.

Where to eat

Czech is simple and main meals often consist of smoked meat, cabbage and
a lot of dumplings (so be ready to hit the treadmill when you get home).
But what the dishes lack in complexity they make up in flavour. A top choice
for dinner is Chagall’s Restaurant ( in Old Town, which has
a mouth-watering menu.

How to get there

Emirates flies daily to Prague. Prices start from around Dh3,000 return. For details log on to 

Catherine Langley

By Catherine Langley

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