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5 minutes with Kylie Minogue

Pop legend Kylie Minogue was in town to perform at the Dubai World Cup, and the talented star spared us a few moments to chat about turning 47 and her top anti-ageing tips

Tabitha Barda
5 Apr 2015 | 12:00 am
  • Kylie Minogue.

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What’s the best thing about your age?

My sense of self, sense of achievement and sense of wonder. I feel like I’m at the start of a new learning curve. It’s a time that has its difficulties, but what time doesn’t? I’m navigating new waters and I’m looking forward to what’s on the horizon!

What is the worst thing about your current age?

Being asked about my age all the time! Age is something we can’t avoid, but we can choose to make the most of wherever we are in life.

If we could have our 20-year-old bodies now, we’d really make the most of them instead of being self-conscious. Do you have any regrets about your 20s?

Yes! I think we all look back at photos of ourselves at that age and acknowledge that we had no idea how flawless we were!

Women seem to fear ageing more than men. Why do you think this is?

Because we are asked about it. We are judged. We don’t see the same thing happen with men.

Who do you feel has perfected the art of growing old gracefully?

Audrey Hepburn did. And Meryl Streep has. Plus so many others.

Women have told us they feel pressure to tick off certain life goals by certain ages (like getting married, having kids, etc). Do you feel this?

I have not done either of those things. I have mixed emotions about that, but all I can do is have faith in destiny.

What are your top anti-ageing tips?

Be good to yourself! Which doesn’t mean have no fun. I have always believed in everything in moderation. I’ve eaten a largely low-GI diet for about 20 years. It’s just the kind of food I like. And now that there is a wave of paleo-type food, it is much easier to find low- or no-sugar products. Also, be sun smart. I wasn’t as a child (especially in Australia) but as an adult I go to a lot of effort to get enough sun but not too much. Find beauty treatments that work for you. I like IPL treatments as they are good for collagen stimulation. And, finally, change your hair and make-up to make the most of your beauty.

Tabitha Barda

By Tabitha Barda

Deputy Editor