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Real Women

What I love about my body

Why is it that we women can berate our bodies from morning till night and struggle to find one nice thing to say about our physical selves? We popped down to Horizon International School and accosted mums on the school run to ask them what they like the most about themselves

Louisa Wilkins
14 Jul 2015 | 12:00 am
  • Jodie.

    Source:Aiza Castillo-Domingo/ANM

“I guess I’d say my skintone. I like being bronzed and brown. Everyone looks a bit better with a tan, don’t they? My dad is from the Caribbean so I get it from him.” – Jodie, from the UK


Milana, from Russia

“I would say my eyes. I like the shape of them. I think they are pretty unique.”

Marie and Nina

Left: Marie, from Belgium

“I’d say my legs. They are OK; they are sporty and I would say they are the best part of my body. I’m happy with them and if I get a compliment from someone, it is always about my legs. My dad and my sister also have good legs, so they run in the family.”

Right: Nina, from Finland

“I’d say my hair... when I can be bothered to colour it! I like that it’s long and easy to take care of. I just wash it and brush and go. I have a blow-dryer at home but I’ve never used it.”


Signe, from Denmark

“My long legs. My grandfather had legs up to his armpits. he was a runner and trained for our country’s olympic team in the 70s. I think 
I get them from him.”


“I like my arms... They are strong and toned. I don’t cover them up too much.” – Eleanor, from the UK


Steph, from Canada

“I like my eyes. They are usually quite bright and they adapt to the colour I am wearing and can be anything from grey to turquoise. But I don’t want to take my sunglasses off this morning because I’m not wearing any make-up yet!”


Selina, from the UK

“I like my hair. It went a bit crazy after the pregnancies but now I like the fact that I’ve got natural bedhead every morning without styling.”

Louisa Wilkins

By Louisa Wilkins