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“You are more than ready for the rough ride ahead”

Helen Williams writes an open letter to tell her January 2016 self what she wishes she’d known back then...

28 Dec 2016 | 05:26 pm

Photo by Aiza Castillo-Domingo

An experienced counsellor, one of Helen Williams’ favourite therapy tools is to ask her clients to write a letter to themselves – past, present or future, depending on the scenario. Having gone through a tumultuous year herself, we asked her, ‘If you could go back in time to January 1, 2016 and write yourself a letter, what would it say?’ Here is what she wrote:

A letter to Myself on January 1st 2016

Dear Helen,

I know you feel distressed by the fire at the Address Downtown last night on New Year’s Eve. You don’t know yet that this fire is the portent for the events of the coming year both personally and globally. Hold tight! Remember you are more than ready, even welcoming, of the rough ride ahead.

Hold your position on your meditation stool unwaveringly each morning. This will strengthen your resolve, clarify your position and enable you to stay present with each fire of fear, uncertainty and deception. Stay strong in knowing that

breathing into each moment will keep you centred, calm and focused, and remember to let go of any outcomes and surrender to all that arises.

In the coming months you will experience the fires of both births and deaths – the beautiful birth of a precious new grandchild, and the unexpected death of all you have worked hard for. The birth of fresh ideas and the great richness of new opportunities, the death of all that needs to be released.

Let go! This will deliver you fearless and strong into the rewards of 2017. You will re-remember and experience that fire strengthens steel.

Meet it all with courage,

Love me x

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