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Would you want to breastfeed for two years?

With the introduction of a new law here in the UAE making it mandatory for mothers to breastfeed children until they are two years old, we are stopping to have a look at the impact this might have on us mothers.

6 Feb 2014 | 02:05 pm
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How will it impact working mothers who have to return to the workplace after maternity leave?

How will it impact our employability? Will employers be less likely to employ women knowing that they may be taking time off every day for two years to go home and breastfeed?

How will it impact our freedom in other areas of our lives?

How will it impact our health?

Is it necessary to breastfeed for two years in order to develop and strong bond between mother and children?

Will mothers be open to punishment from the government, doctors and from their husbands and families if they do not breastfeed for two years?

What are your thoughts on this topic? Let us know below and click here to take our survey on the topic.



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  • Marie-Claire, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

    Regarding your survey on breastfeeding for two years. I found the wording of the survey to be biased against breastfeeding and there was no option to tick 'all of the above' reasons for breastfeeding. There are multiple reasons why mother's choose to breastfeed for two years and beyond.

  • Nadia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    I have to say I am shocked that such a law could be passed. As women we should have the right to choose. It is our body after all!! As mothers we have the moral responsibility to do what is best for our kids but we also have the right to decide what is best for us as women. For me personally breastfeeding was a horrible experience. I did it for 8 weeks and that was enough! It was difficult and I did not find it to be a bonding experience. Both my boys are healthy and have not suffered because of my decision to stop breastfeeding. I have to say that it amuses somewhat that some idiot expert decided that 2 years of breastfeeding is going to ensure that all children become Einstein's or be more immune to disease! Never mind let the child have an unhealthy lifestyle after the age of 2 but hey he/she was breastfed so they will be fine!!! what a joke Did it occur to these experts that not all women are educated enough or have the opportunity to eat healthily to transfer the necessary nutrients in the milk they produce? Last but not least I cannot imagine the trauma and failure I would feel if I was told that someone else would need to provide the milk for my baby if I couldn't breastfeed!

  • Anna Yates, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    This initiative has not been thought through from all the different aspects. I am fortunate to have been able to breast feed all my children from 10 months to just over 2 years but that was from choice and my situation made it possible. What sort of a bond do people think is going to be established between a mother and her child if she is breastfeeding because she has no choice? The resentment and frustration can not fail to have a negative impact on her relationship not only with the baby but also with the people who are forcing her to do something against her will. Formula milks have improved over the years and there are many healthy and happy adults, children and babies out there to prove that breast milk is not the only option these days. In my opinion, this is a very damaging and backward step. Breast feeding should always be encouraged but never enforced.