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Would you want to breastfeed for two years?

With the introduction of a new law here in the UAE making it mandatory for mothers to breastfeed children until they are two years old, we are stopping to have a look at the impact this might have on us mothers.

6 Feb 2014 | 02:05 pm
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How will it impact working mothers who have to return to the workplace after maternity leave?

How will it impact our employability? Will employers be less likely to employ women knowing that they may be taking time off every day for two years to go home and breastfeed?

How will it impact our freedom in other areas of our lives?

How will it impact our health?

Is it necessary to breastfeed for two years in order to develop and strong bond between mother and children?

Will mothers be open to punishment from the government, doctors and from their husbands and families if they do not breastfeed for two years?

What are your thoughts on this topic? Let us know below and click here to take our survey on the topic.



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